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Three Ways to Choose the Perfect Pendant Light

It is the small things in life that truly matter, especially when you are designing or renovating a space. We all know that lighting has a big impact and can really define a room, but so does the design of the fixture itself. Hubbardton Forge pendant lights come in many shapes, sizes, and styles, but how do you pick the right one? There are three components to consider when shopping for your next Hubbardton Forge pendant light.


1. Functionality

The first step to picking the right light fixture for your room is first deciding what lighting you need. Once you have decided, you can choose the size and type of your Hubbardton Forge pendant. There are four main categories for lighting: task, ambient, accent, and decorative.

If the room you are designing has multiple large windows, then you might not require a lot of lighting during the day; rather, you should consider task lighting. Task lighting targets and illuminates a specific area. If you are trying to illuminate the whole room, which is common, then you want ambient lighting. Accent lighting is used as a tool to highlight a design feature or an art piece. And finally, decorative lighting exists purely for aesthetic purposes, whether it is the Hubbardton Forge pendant itself or the shadows the lighting creates.

2. Decor

The next component of choosing the right fixture is incorporating it into your decor. There is an endless variety of decor options, and there are a variety of hubbardton forge pendants that can pair beautifully with any design style. Mid-century has been one of the biggest home decor trends of the year. This decor style features a lot of wood and gold accents mixed in with rich textures and colors, such as velvet and navy. Choose a pendant that is either circular or has overlapping lines. Industrial and urban are sleek and clean with a lot of steel and distressed wood. For this style, choose a pendant with dramatic bulbs. Rustic, nautical, and farmhouse are all very similar in style; their color palettes feature similar shades. Neutral-colored Hubbardton Forge pendants ( that have intricate line work or that are square in shape blend well with all three styles.

3. The Room

The room you are designing also determines the type of Hubbardton Forge pendant you will choose. If you are decorating a dining room, consider a large and extravagant pendant that can stand alone as an art piece. It will attract the eye and can be used as a conversation starter at a dinner party. When it comes to the kitchen, and even the bathroom, you want to choose a pendant that is open-bottomed and aims downwards so you can highlight the counter and stove tops. A pendant with multiple bulbs is the best way to achieve this. Entry ways, living rooms, and bedrooms require ambient lighting. While a smaller, single-bulbed fixture is not strong enough to provide this, you can incorporate other lighting elements, such as lamps, into these rooms if you do not want a large pendant. Decorative lighting is best for rooms that have high ceilings because these pendants can create interesting shadows that draw your eyes upwards.

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