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Sonneman Lighting Designs for Today’s Home

Ahead of the Times

With their commitment to unique and modern lighting, Sonneman Lighting is most certainly one of the most innovative manufacturers and designers of contemporary lighting fixtures today. Offering a wide selection of chic, stylish and ultra-modern lighting fixtures, these lights will surely add a sense of modern freshness to your home. Sleek, sexy and eye-catching, Sonneman Lighting captures the essence of modern, forward-thinking style.

This Ain’t Your Grandma’s Lighting

There’s nothing old-fashioned about Sonneman Lighting. Whether white or chrome-plated, multi-colored or transparent, Sonneman Lighting fixtures are stunning in any home environment. These pieces will captivate the attention – and envy! – of your house guests, who will be sure to ask you, “Where did you get that?” While many people choose stock lighting for their home, installing a Sonneman Lighting fixture in your home will immediately add a truly modern touch to your home décor.

Lighting is such an important element of home décor, but so many people neglect to pay enough attention to it. Many people, in fact, put a ton of money and energy into decorating their homes with the right wall colors and the right furniture, yet settle for generic, uninteresting lighting fixtures. Without good, high quality lighting, however, even the most contemporary and chic-looking home designs tend to look dull and uninspired. Stand out with Sonneman Lighting! Browse our collection of stunning, high quality pieces to choose the one or the many that are right for your home.

High Quality Style

Sonneman Lighting is not only a leader in contemporary urban lighting, but is also a leader in quality. The company is 100% committed to providing only the very best in quality lighting fixtures.  All of their flush mounts and semi-flush fixtures are made with the finest of materials so that your eye-catching fixtures will not only impress your guests but will also last the test of time.

The words that best describe Sonneman Lighting ceiling fixtures are minimalistic, hip, and ultra-modern. While we offer a variety of Sonneman Lighting pieces to suit diverse tastes and home décor needs, the words “vintage” or “rustic” just don’t apply to any of their pieces. Sonneman Lighting is committed to designing and manufacturing only the hippest and most modern of pieces. If you’re looking for something traditional and ornate, you won’t find it with Sonneman Lighting. If you’re looking for something cutting edge, sleek and chic, make sure you check out our wide selection of super-hip lighting pieces. You won’t be disappointed. In fact, you’ll be captivated.

Bright Lights, Big City

Sonneman Lighting is first and foremost dedicated to contemporary urban style. These high-quality, very hip lights will give your home a sense of metropolitan style. If you live among the bright lights of the big city, why not decorate your home to match the city’s hip and urban style? Everyone knows that the coolest architecture, coolest clubs, hippest restaurants and finest style exists in the world’s biggest cities.  Give your home or apartment big city style with Sonneman Lighting!

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