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Hudson Valley Lighting Fixtures Exude Elegance and Timeless Appeal

Every so often, we all feel the need to renovate our spaces.  A new renovation can revive any space, adding new life and a refreshing new look.  But what do you do if you can’t manage the extreme renovations you are constantly seeing on those design renovation shows on TV?  We can’t always afford to put the amount of money into our renovations that some of those makeover shows exemplify.  Alternatively, you may not be able to tear down walls or tear up your countertops—are we prevented from reworking our spaces just because we rent rather than own our homes?  Not necessarily.  You can create a renovation experience without having to touch that sledge hammer.  Wondering how?  Try starting with our light fixtures.

How to achieve the renovation experience through your light fixtures

Even if you are renting a property or an apartment, you should be allowed to change your light fixtures.  Double check with your landlord just to be sure, though.  You may have to hang on to your old fixtures for when you move out (but you may want to do that anyway—no point giving away your light fixtures if they can be re-used in your new space).  Of course, if you are unable to completely modify your light fixtures, you can always achieve the same effect with lamp lighting.

Regardless of what your space looks like, you can achieve a completely new look simply by changing your light fixtures.  Why is this the case?  Well, this happens for a number of reasons.  First of all, a lot of spaces tend towards poor lighting. Adding a little light in some dim corners can do a lot to modify the way you see your space.  You can also create contrast and emphasis simply by directing your lighting.  You can completely impact where the eye is drawn in a space, what is concealed, and what is emphasized just by adding lighting.

What you need to remember…

There is a lot more to lighting than simply on and off hudson valley pendant lighting

Make sure you consider the mood you want your room to convey when you are considering your lighting—but also consider what you will be using the room for.  If this is a workspace or a reading room, you want lighting that will be bright enough to work without straining your eyes.  You also want to place your lighting where it won’t create glare, etc.  However, if the mood you are aiming for is a little more romantic than functional, then remember that you can acquire light fixtures with dimmers and modified shades that can create much less intense lighting.  Consider the mood you want to reflect in your space before you make your purchase, though.

Your light fixtures aren’t all about the light

You can create a lot by simply modifying the light source and intensity in a space, but you can also create a lot of impact on your space with the style of light fixture you choose.  For a variety of stylistic lighting options, consider Hudson Valley Lighting.  From gorgeous, traditional pendant lighting, like the Hudson Valley Esopus Pendant, to elegant floor lamps, like the Hudson Valley Marshal Adjustable Floor Lamp, to chic and stylish table lamps, like the Hudson Valley Aston Table Lamp in Polished Nickel, the elegance and timeless appeal you want for your space is a mere light fixture away.

Come check out our selection of Hudson Valley lighting fixtures here at Crescent Harbor for more ideas on how to renovate your space.


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