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Fanimation Fans – Revolutionary Styles

Ceiling fans are an essential part of home and office living.  They provide an economic way to circulate air, allowing more regulated environments and work spaces. It can quickly turn what would be a stale and hot room into a comfortable space at the flick of a button.  Not only are ceiling fans essential in rooms that have very little access to functioning windows, they are excellent additions to rooms that have high ceilings are that fluctuate in temperatures. Celling fans are not only for cooling off rooms, they work very well in circulating warm rising air by pushing it back down where it is needed, hence reducing your overall heating costs. Fanimation Fans has used this cost saving feature in many of their fan designs.

The biggest problem that home owners face is finding a ceiling fan that enhances or at least matches their décor. Most fans, while bringing a wide range of benefits, are large and bulky and reduce the appearance of a room. Thankfully, Fanimation Fans has found some very innovative ways to change this.  With ceiling fans that are as stylish as they are functional, decorating with ceiling fans opened up with so many more options to choose from.

Fanimation FansThe Air Shadow Retractable Fan is a great example of the innovation by Fanimation Fans. This fan features blades that extract upon use and retract when turned off.  This great conversation piece adds functional air flow to a room while still keeping the ability to reduce in size when it is not needed.  It is a clever way to create value and style to a space while keeping its decorative style.  This fan is ideal in spaces where it can be part of the main focus of the room or in rooms where ceiling space is an issue. Its automatic compact feature is excellent when the room user needs to conserve space during its downtime.

When it comes to style, nothing says contemporary elegance more than the Torto Metro Contemporary Fan by Fanimation Fans.  This fan stands apart from the crowd.  With a completely different look from the ceiling down, this contemporary fan is a crowd favorite when it comes to a quiet elegance that enhance a room.  The blades on this fan are designed in a unique way to create an unusual style without compromising function. The curl of each of the three blades in its unique vertical pattern step away from the general look of ceiling fans. Complete with a light, this functional ceiling accessory has a look that is a conversation piece whenever a new person enters the room.

Ceiling fans have come a long ways both with their function and with their design.  What was once simply a functional room accessory has now become an essential room utility.  Fanimation Fans has revolutionized the look of the traditional ceiling fans. They have designed fans to enhance the look of any room they are placed in. Their unique styles are designed to be not only center pieces but to add to the value of the home and blend with the style of the room.  If you are looking for a way to beautify and upgrade your design, these are fans worth a second look.  Check out our full line of Fanimation Fans at Crescent Harbor today.

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