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Outdoor Lighting

Make Your Home Look Great with Outdoor Light Fixtures

If you’re like many people, when you plan to spruce up the look of your home you don’t consider your yard as an entire room that acts as an extension to your house. Outdoor light fixtures can showcase both your house and yard.

You can go beyond having a light bulb in your doorway. Outdoor light fixtures can make your yard a place to entertain or become a Zen-like area to wind down in after dinner.

27 Sep 2018

Outdoor Sconces Bring a Unique Touch to Every Exterior

Turn on the Lights

Lighting is one of the most important features of any home or work environment. Dull, poor-quality lighting can make an otherwise beautiful and welcoming space feel uninviting and uncomfortable. When you’re designing any space, you need to think about which lighting fixtures will emphasize the beauty and warmth of your space. In other words, lighting fixtures shouldn’t be an afterthought.

26 Sep 2018

How Nautical Outdoor Lighting Can Improve the Beauty of Your Home

Are you looking to install some new light fixtures to renovate the ambiance of your home? Have you thought about going with a theme among your light fixtures? It’s not something you hear about very often—choosing a theme for your light fixtures. It isn’t pushed quite as much as choosing a color theme for your paint or a theme for the art you display, but light fixtures play an important role in your home—and if you select the right ones, the fixtures can operate as art pieces in and of themselves. As such, you should have some kind of theme tying them all together, and right now, nautical is the way to go—just remember to select some nautical outdoor lighting as well to complete your home’s look and design.

01 Sep 2018

Improve Your Home’s Look and Feel with Craftsman Style Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting is essential. Of course, putting lighting outdoors serves so many purposes, and there is so much that is expected of a beautiful light fixture. You can do a lot to improve your home’s look and feel by choosing the right craftsman style outdoor lighting fixture. When you know what you are looking for, or why you want the advantage of putting outdoor lighting outside your home, then finding the right one for you at an affordable cost is easy.

31 Aug 2018

The Origins of Onion Lights

As humans, we have evolved from being cave dwellers afraid of fire to using electricity for light and other functions, and light for decoration, and celebration. Let us take a look at the evolution of a basic form of lantern and where onion lights or lanterns play a role.

What is a lantern?

Lantern originated from the words lanthorn or lanthorne – this referred to the materials that the light sources were made out of – transparent or translucent sides of sheep’s horn. The horn was used to enclose the light and protect it from the elements of wind and rain – in essence the word lantern became synonymous with a well-protected portable light source, used mostly outdoors in all weather and conditions. Onion lights or lanterns were part of this evolution. From the beginning of written history, there has been noted lanterns, from the Greek poems, to the New Testament, where the men who apprehended Jesus in the garden are described as having “lanterns with torches”.

29 Aug 2015

Does A Well-Lit Room Begin With Some Tips From Wilmette Lighting?

Lighting up your house properly is as necessary as building it in the first place. Lights compliment the personality of the house and add values to your own personality too. They make your house appear all the more welcome to guests than otherwise. So, it is absolutely necessary to get it the correct way, and for this, you must be sure to get it from the appropriate dealers in the market.

Lighting fixtures never ever get on the top of the mind when deciding the decor of a room. The first thing that comes to the mind is the furniture and the carpet. But a bit of creativity along with some help from some experts like Wilmette Lighting would boost up the aura of your home.  Among the important considerations you would have to bear in mind while drawing up a lighting-plan would be the area that would be required to be lit up. A large room, or a lobby or a living-room of a considerable size would require something of quite bright and strong, while your study or the children’s room may not require a very strong source of lighting.

20 Jan 2015

Troy Lighting – The modern vision of outdoor and indoor lights

There are plenty of companies in USA who specialize in manufacturing quality lights and lighting fixtures. However, all of them are not among the market leaders. On the contrary, there are only a few companies, who are known for their passion for perfection in procuring quality components, and melding that into great design, value, and as well as a desire to offer total  consumer satisfaction. These few exceptions drive the market and set the standard of excellence.

29 Dec 2014

Brighten Up Home With Northeast Lantern Lightings

Lighting arrangement can enhance the soul of a house as illumination plan not only generates visibility and brightness of the premise, it ensures safety also. The best quality lighting fixtures are often handcrafted American-made lighting fixtures. Lights enabled with beautiful, pleasing aesthetics and reliable lighting output are always in demand as only a few manufacturing companies could have managed to reach such a level of perfection where beauty and utility have mingled with each other.

05 Dec 2014

Designing Your Outdoor Landscape Lighting

Open-air lighting is indeed a necessity however, with a little tinge of creativity this necessity can be converted into an illuminating decor. Innovative outdoor lighting will not only enhance the beautification of your premise, it will be creating an immaculate lighting design for your house exterior.

One of the prime aspects of outdoor light is its beauty no doubt, but utility and energy efficiency is the other requirement of this lighting arrangement. Therefore the lights you will select for the outdoor lighting should be energy efficient as maximum as possible. Besides low voltage illumination, the lighting arrangement has to be within case so that hostile weather cannot harm these fixtures.

28 Jul 2014

Onion Lights Can Make Your Room Glow With Beauty

Through this article, we want let people to know more about Onion Lights. Previously, it was used for outdoor functionalities, but with changing times, people are taking help of the lights for decorating the indoor portions.

It is a new field to say that designer lantern trends are nothing quite new nowadays. With every passing day, people are coming across various ways, which will help to increase the beauty of their household and also the outer portion of the household, like street lamps. The custom and unique lanterns are available for more than a decade now and those are mostly used for decorating the exterior part of the walls, which mostly hang out from the porch ceilings and are also used in the entryway portion. However, as the surveys prove about the last few years, it can be well stated that the lanterns have moved for some indoor segments to all the different rooms, of a place.

17 Jun 2014