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Northeast Lantern

Using Northeast Lantern to illuminate Your Home

Looking for a unique way to light up your home? Northeast Lantern’s lighting fixtures can help illuminate your world. They are made meticulously by some of the top brands and designers who keep quality in mind. The lighting brands we carry at Crescent Harbor offer impressive and beautiful lights in order to keep our customers satisfied.  They will add life to your home, and with Northeast Lantern, you can personalize the lantern as well.

31 Jul 2015

5 Tips to Choose From Northeast Lantern Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

Is your yard too dark and your worried about your safety at night? One solution is to hang outdoor lighting fixtures because they offer security. An added bonus is that they can also add to the landscaping of your property. Bright lighting outside is a deterrent for would-be burglars because it puts them in the spotlight, so to speak, and they obviously don’t want that.

Outdoor Lighting Choices

You can go for traditional looking outdoor lighting fixtures that are plain; or you can go for a look that takes you back to a simpler time. Northeast Lantern is one of the best companies that designs high-quality, durable la

30 Jun 2015

Brighten Up Home With Northeast Lantern Lightings

Lighting arrangement can enhance the soul of a house as illumination plan not only generates visibility and brightness of the premise, it ensures safety also. The best quality lighting fixtures are often handcrafted American-made lighting fixtures. Lights enabled with beautiful, pleasing aesthetics and reliable lighting output are always in demand as only a few manufacturing companies could have managed to reach such a level of perfection where beauty and utility have mingled with each other.

05 Dec 2014