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Maxim Lighting

Bring a Big Difference to Your Home Decor with Maxim Lighting

When you’re decorating or renovating your home, what effect are you going for? Some people want something cozy and comfortable while others prefer something open and breezy. Some people like dark, rich colours while others want bright, cheerful tones or soothing pastels. Whether you like to fill every nook and cranny or take a minimalist approach, or whether you want something homey and rustic or something cool and modern, it’s certain that your home will be the perfect canvas to express your sense of style and beauty. Crescent Harbor Modern is here to help you make your dream home a reality with our Maxim home lighting fixtures.

26 Feb 2016

Maxim Lighting has the Most Options for Contemporary, Traditional and Transitional Designs

At Crescent Harbor Modern, we are all about lighting. Lighting is so important to the décor of a home; for those who are building a new home, but even more so for people who are redecorating.  By only changing the lighting in a few rooms, the entire ambiance of the home can change. This is why we offer Maxim Lighting to our shoppers.

Below we will look at why.

Contemporary vs Traditional Lighting

When it comes to defining your style, you have a couple of choices – contemporary or traditional. For some, traditional lighting is too monotonous, while contemporary is a touch too sleek, however, it is also possible to mix it up, and this is called a transitional style. You can achieve this look by mixing traditional with contemporary features for a design that is classic, and comfortable.

23 Dec 2015

Innovative Maxim Lighting Fixtures to Brighten Up Your Home

Maxim lighting has been the most developing and comprehensive style of lighting choices on the market up to date. Maxim lighting is strongly based around contemporary style, and maxim lighting is a great choice for your home; it involves great pricing, high quality and extraordinary styling. The mass-market has made lighting boring, without a sense of style or imagination, but with the help of Maxim Lighting, we can make the lighting market more fun, interesting and abstract. There are great tools to help homeowners design their homes with a hassle free approach. Maxim categorizes their products into a series, allowing you to illuminate your home in a common theme, which can sometimes be difficult with contemporary lighting.

02 Apr 2015