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Tech Lighting

8 Important Facts You Should Know About Tech Lighting

Modern, sensible, cost effective, and sustainable-Tech Lighting is dedicated to giving you illumination solutions that will look great, save you money, and still give you the outdoor lighting you need. Here are just a few facts about Tech Lighting that one should know.

1. We Focus on the Outdoors

The light fixtures made by Tech Lighting are, first and foremost, made for the outdoors. Outdoor lighting is their specialty and they’ve focused all their efforts into making the best, most sensible and greatest outdoor fixtures in the world.

23 Feb 2016

Tech Lighting – What Does Modern Lighting Mean?

Lighting is not a simple thing. Lighting for your home has to do so much at the same time. It has a job to do. It must be beautiful, it must be energy efficient, and yet it must blend seamlessly with everything else in the home so that it is almost invisible. Lighting should be something that is taken for granted, and yet, when it is noticed, it must be because of its style and grace. Tech Lighting makes light fixtures for your home that will fit in smoothly and look beautiful for years to come.

24 Dec 2015

Two Reasons Why We Love Tech Lighting

Lighting is no longer just a consideration of function. In fact, there is as much thought and effort put into choosing lighting for its form, beauty, and aesthetic as there is to what type of lighting it is and what purpose the lighting is required for. Interior designers will spend as much time on lighting placement and fixtures as they do the colors, flooring and furnishings.

Here at Crescent Harbor Modern, we offer the brand Tech Lighting to meet all your lighting needs. We are excited to offer the full range of Tech Lighting; in fact, this company currently controls over 60 percent of the low-voltage lighting market, and we offer a huge variety of each. Let us look more closely at other reasons why we love Tech Lighting.

23 May 2015

How Tech Lighting Can Enhance Your Home

Whether you are selling your home or simply updating it, one area that can have a great impact is the choice of lighting. There are many options out there, from big box store pieces, to bargains found at garage sales, to high end designer fixtures. Your choice of lighting impacts everything from the wall colors to where the shadows sit in the room, and it makes a statement as well.

Opting for modern

04 Apr 2015