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Home Lighting

Adorn Your Home with Besa Pendants

Lighting has an essential role in the design and function of a space and therefore is integral in the concept planning and interior design of a space. The lighting of a space has both form and function to consider. It changes the mood of a room; it can make a room appear larger or smaller depending on the lighting – the illusion of space is defined by lighted reflected off of the surfaces of the walls; it can create an intimate or public space; and it can work to define the function of the space by both the type and layout of the lighting.

26 Apr 2015

Lighting Stores – Your Source for any Light Fixture, Sconces, Floor lamp or Chandelier

Styling your home or doing any sort of renovation can be a big undertaking with a big price tag. For convenience’s sake, it’s easy for us to run to the Big Box building stores and find almost anything we need. Although the selection may not be the greatest and the prices may not be that competitive (if at all), we suck it up and go there because it’s around the corner and, frankly, we have no clue where else to shop for such things.

24 Apr 2015

What Makes Troy Lighting Fixtures so Special – Keep Reading to Find out

So you’re doing some interior decorating and want to find the best lighting fixture to accentuate your space. Perhaps you’ve heard of Troy Lighting, or maybe you haven’t. Keep reading to find out what makes Troy lighting fixtures so special, in our opinion.

Troy Lighting, a Californian company, is a leader in the lighting industry. They are most known for their quality, design, value, and customer service.

23 Apr 2015

Create a Special Ambience for Your Home by Choosing Crystorama Lighting

As with anything personal, you want the ambience of your home to reflect you and your lifestyle. It is not any different than your personal style to your wardrobe, the type of car you drive, your reading materials, where you choose to buy your morning coffee, etc. Whether you like trendy styles, or are more traditional, you want people who enter your home to feel part of you in it. As well, you want to feel like you fit in and become part of each room so you can be as comfortable as possible. After all, your home truly is your castle.

05 Mar 2015

Brightening Up Your Home with Besa Mini Pendants

Lighting is becoming an increasingly popular way to add a little spice to people’s homes. One way you can do this is by using Besa Lighting. It is about being creative and original, and Besa Lighting utilizes glass designs with all types of colors, patterns and styles. Crescent Harbor Modern can give you the latest styles in Besa, and we can provide you with mini Besa pendants, regardless of your budget or style.

04 Mar 2015

Affordable Modern Lighting and Fixtures to add Value to your Homes

When someone enters your home, you may not think that they will notice your lighting. However, there is more value to lights than you may think.  They are affordable and trendy, and they can raise the quality of your home. That is why Crescent Harbor Modern offers stylish and contemporary light fixtures. We offer the latest trends in modern lighting fixtures, European lighting fixtures, or even transitional lighting fixtures.  We have what it takes to showcase your personal style in order to make your home more desirable.

03 Mar 2015

Picture Lights: Innovative and Glamorous Lighting for Your Artworks

Does your art collection seem a little dim? It can be hard to appreciate—no matter how amazing it is—when it is hard to see. Adding that touch of lighting can make all the difference when it comes to your display; however, it can be hard to find ways to light up your collection without risking damage to it from impure or too-intense light sources. And you don’t want to be stuck paying for lighting fixtures that are too bulky or the wrong style for the artwork—and for the room. The light fixture should be able to emphasize the artwork while also complimenting its style. Here’s where picture lights can help.

01 Mar 2015

The Beautiful Collection of Ceiling Light Fixtures by Minka Lavery

Light fixtures are necessary for the home, but they make an important fashion statement as well. They need to match the personality of the home and its inhabitants, and set the mood for each room. And even though they do all that, they are seldom even noticed by the home’s guests or residents. If you want a light fixture that will light up your home, and be recognized for it, you need to explore the beautiful collection of ceiling light fixtures by Minka Lavery. They are conversation starters.

28 Feb 2015

Does A Well-Lit Room Begin With Some Tips From Wilmette Lighting?

Lighting up your house properly is as necessary as building it in the first place. Lights compliment the personality of the house and add values to your own personality too. They make your house appear all the more welcome to guests than otherwise. So, it is absolutely necessary to get it the correct way, and for this, you must be sure to get it from the appropriate dealers in the market.

Lighting fixtures never ever get on the top of the mind when deciding the decor of a room. The first thing that comes to the mind is the furniture and the carpet. But a bit of creativity along with some help from some experts like Wilmette Lighting would boost up the aura of your home.  Among the important considerations you would have to bear in mind while drawing up a lighting-plan would be the area that would be required to be lit up. A large room, or a lobby or a living-room of a considerable size would require something of quite bright and strong, while your study or the children’s room may not require a very strong source of lighting.

20 Jan 2015

Brass Traditions Lights – Tips To Lighting-Up A Room

Decorating the home with lights is never a big problem if you have the right guide, and you must also have the appropriate lights to brighten up your heaven with. You could choose from several forms available in the open market, or you might order for them over the internet, either way, you would have to take care you have the correct combination.

The values gained by lighting a room properly are added by using the appropriate method of lighting. The proper lighting fixtures should be used. Lighting fixtures should have the appropriate finishing enhancing the final effect achieved by the entire process of lighting up a room. All lights and lamps are designed and crafted with the aim of putting the required object into focus and pointing in the direction one wants the light to point in. This is easily done by using  tips from Brass Traditions Lights.

14 Jan 2015