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Use Varaluz Lighting to Put a Unique Spin on Your Home’s Lighting

Lighting doesn’t have to be boring, even though most new homes and homes that you visit don’t have lighting fixtures that are out of the ordinary. While some may be unique, there aren’t many homes that have funky, out-of-the-ordinary lighting. But why stick to the simple, status quo lighting that every other home has? Why not branch out and add a bit of originality to your spaces? You should! There are many different types of lighting that you can add to a space, including chandeliers, floor lamps, table lamps, pendent lighting and much more. Those all remain the same, however, it is the design of the lighting that really makes your style pop. To find some incredibly unique pieces to illuminate the home, people are looking to Varaluz Lighting.

Varaluz Lighting has been established in the lighting business since 2006. Their tagline, ‘fight against boring’, speaks for the company’s creative outlook on taking (usually) boring light fixtures and making them the centerpiece of your space. All of their fixtures and shades are handmade. That’s right—they were made, uniquely, with two hands rather than a piece of machinery. The light fixtures come with a lifetime limited warranty, so you know you’re getting something that is reliable and of good quality.

How are the products made?

Varaluz Lighting prides itself in creating pieces with individuality and spunk that are made out of eco-friendly materials. Recycled bottles and recycled steel are among the materials used to create these beautiful, one-of-a-kind pieces.

Because they are hand-made, each piece is different than the last, even if they appear to look the same.

What kind of lighting is offered?

You can find ceiling lights, wall lights, and exterior lights when you shop with Varaluz Lighting. If you need something for your bathroom wall or vanity, they have it. If you need a beautiful chandelier or a unique ceiling fixture, they have that too. There’s something for everyone in Varaluz’s collections.

Where can these products be purchased?

You can find quality, inexpensive Varaluz products on our site, Crescent Harbor Modern. We offer a great collection of Varaluz Lighting at a reasonable price, along with a number of other great products.

Why choose Varaluz lighting?

There are many reasons to choose Varaluz as your lighting source for your home. The first reason being that this is a great company that has been on the rise as one of the top innovators to produce these kinds of light fixtures. Secondly, you won’t find such a wide range of styles and designs anywhere else—this company has such a unique take on the manufacturing of lighting. Once you browse their selection, you won’t want to look anywhere else. And lastly, Varaluz Lighting uses only eco-friendly, recycled materials. This means that they’re helping make the earth a cleaner place, while creating one-of-a-kind pieces that only you will have. No two light fixtures are identical, and you can add a wonderful design to your home and be happy knowing that only you have it.

For your lighting needs, choose quality, choose originality; choose Varaluz Lighting.

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