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The Unique Beauty of Hubbardton Forge Floor Lamps

Hubbardton Forge floor lamps are one of the most unique products you can use to decorate your home. Their sturdy whimsy adds a unique charm to every room, and they will last you a lifetime.


In today’s world of mass-production, it is too easy to buy something, use it for a few years, and then throw it away. This “use it, then lose it” approach to material objects is not just wasteful; it’s emotionally hollow, too. Hubbardton Forge floor lamps are handcrafted and designed to create a feeling that will last many years. Made by a venerable company—one of the oldest in Vermont—these lamps are meant to last a lifetime, and could even be passed down to the next generation.Hubbardton Forge Floor Lamps

Eccentric Designs

Hubbardton Forge floor lamps have a wide variety of unusual designs, providing you with many options for every room you decorate. These designs range from sturdy and classic to eccentric and creative, so you can show your sense of style through the choices you make. With all different shapes and sizes, these floor lamps will fit in any corner and provide exactly the kind of lighting you need. If you have unconventional lightning needs, there will be a Hubbardton Forge floor lamp that’s perfect for you.


Floor lamps are a great way to provide lighting in your home because they can be moved around easily. If you rely on wall-and-ceiling lighting, you’re stuck with what you get, but with a Hubbardton Forge floor lamp you can reposition the lamp according to your needs. In fact, Hubbardton Forge floor lamps are sturdy enough for outdoor use, so you can bring one outside in order to provide a comfortable and well-lit place to entertain guests.

The other advantage of floor lamps is that you can take them with you when you move. You may not be planning to move anytime soon, but if you ever did, it would be convenient to know that you had the lightning of your next home already. Because of Hubbardton Forge floor lamps’ longevity, you can imagine taking them with you again and again, every time you move, and then passing them on to your children when they buy their first homes.


When you buy a Hubbardton Forge floor lamp, you support an eco-friendly company. Hubbardton Forge works to innovate lamp-making technology to lessen the environmental impact of the process. The manufacturing process uses safe chemicals and recyclable materials to ensure that their beautiful lamps are guilt-free. If you’re committed to beauty, both in nature and in your home, then Hubbardton Forge floor lamps will make a statement about what matters to you.

All Shapes and Sizes

Have a look at the creative designs of Hubbardton Forge floor lamps and you will see that no two designs are alike. Tall and short, classical and strange, simple and ornate—all kinds of design principles are at work in these various lamps. But these designs all have one thing in common: the high quality and creative vision that distinguishes Hubbardton Forge products.

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