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Troy Lighting Sconces are fun, themed, and cleanly elegant

What’s your style? Are you an eye-catcher, a fun-lover, someone who loves theme and pieces for your home that speak to the world of what you love? Or are you quiet, elegant, with good taste and clean lines? Most likely, you can’t see why you have to choose one or the other. Why not be all? With Troy Lighting sconces, you can show off all your tastes without sacrificing anything.

Artistic style to suit your theme

Choosing sconces to be part of your lighting choice says that you like the ideas of ambience and art together. Sconces decorate the wall and show that you are considering practicality along with your design choices. Troy lighting sconces are artistic beauties in their own right, and they can bring in the themes and ideas that your home or space wishes to invoke. Are you feeling a bit ‘noir’? How about the Gotham 1-Light wall sconce in aged silver, smoked glass, and hand-worked wrought iron? It has a definite feel of dark romance to it.

Troy Lighting SconcesLighting is mood

A great aspect of using Troy Lighting sconces is that they can substitute for artwork or other design elements in a small corner or basic space. In that space, you can keep the area uncluttered by using lighting for design and letting that be your art. Or, if you have a larger space and want the lighting to complement the artistic style, then you can easily choose sconces that blend in; then you can add accents instead of having an ordinary light fixture that detracts from the vision.

Variety of choice

There are a huge variety of choices with Troy Lighting sconces. Consider different metals, finishes, and colors: silver, brass, copper, bronze, either with crystals drops or glass shades, and a beautiful shine. There are different sizes and shapes to fit your space, or which can be custom-designed to fit the space.

Continuity of Style

Of course, the home you are lighting requires more than just sconces. And Troy Lighting has more than sconces. They have light fixtures in themes and styles that match so you can continue to keep the same lighting elements throughout. Troy Lighting sconces can match chandeliers or pendant lights, or floor and table lamps, if required.

Elegantly personal

Troy Lighting sconces can provide a lot of different kinds of style. The Gotham design does have a fun sense of noir, but one completely opposite design that Troy Lighting sconces can bring to your home is the Bordeaux themed sconces, lamps, and chandeliers. In Parisian bronze, and with a saucy curve of hand-worked iron to hold the candelabra, it is a gorgeous accessory, and a work of art on its own.

When redecorating or designing a space that you will live in, or bring guests into, you want to have a space that is both comfortable and stylish. Troy Lighting sconces, available at Crescent Harbor will really show you that it is the final touches that make the design.

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