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Troy Lighting Sconces: What They Can Do for You

The humble Troy Lighting sconce is a brilliant if under-appreciated lighting fixture, one that can elevate a home’s decor while providing the light necessary to illuminate a room. They’ve often been used as accent pieces to elevate the decor of a space more than to light it, but companies like Troy Lighting are changing how people view the sconce, and how homes are using them.

Troy Lighting Sconces

One of the most interesting things about the history of Troy Lighting sconces was how people began using their products. Troy Lighting started out in 1963 by making lighting solutions that combined beauty and practicality. They soon expanded into specialized Reflective Luminaire Manufacturer (RLM) lighting, or lighting that uses reflection to intensify the lighting in a specific direction. And while not all of their lighting uses this technology, their commitment to quality and making something different made a near-instant impression.

Once their lighting was out in the world, Troy Lighting soon discovered that their lighting that was designed for the outdoors was actually being used to elevate decor inside the home. It was a surprise to the company. Such a simple thing, however, reveals a few interesting facts about Troy Lighting sconces, and why people are using their products for different purposes.

The first reasons, perhaps most obviously, is the designs themselves. When Troy Lighting made their first set of lighting fixtures, they were primarily designed to be used in outdoor spaces. The designs, however, were not the usual hyper-practical approach often seen in outdoor lighting at the time. They were instead elegant and beautiful pieces, often made from copper, that could turn outdoor spaces into elegant getaways. Because of their beauty, people started bringing them into their homes instead of keeping the fixtures outside. From there, Troy Lighting got the idea of creating pieces that were specifically designed for indoor spaces, like Troy Lighting sconces, while still keeping in mind the designs that caught people’s eyes in the beginning.

The second reason people love Troy Lighting sconces is the construction. Made using high-quality materials and backed by service guarantees, Troy Lighting pieces are beautiful and elegant solutions that are also built to last. Since many were originally designed to be used outside, they possess a certain durability that is not often found in interior lighting fixtures. Because they were made to withstand the elements, your Tory Lighting sconces will likely last for years and decades to come, providing your home with a beautiful piece that could come to define your home’s look.

Troy Lighting sconces have changed not only where people use lighting sconces, but also what people expect of lighting sconces in their homes. With a combination of quality materials, strong construction, and beautiful designs, Troy Lighting sconces are showing up almost everywhere. If you are in need of some beautiful lighting sconces, consider Troy Lighting fixtures, available at Crescent Harbor. They can bring a new dimension of beauty to almost any room and can provide any extra lighting that you may need in your home, whether that’s some extra light needed in a key spot or a simple accent piece to bring your room together.

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