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Troy Lighting Provides Memories of America

Often, when a product markets itself as belonging to a particular theme, or when it is evocative of a particular image or feeling, the buyer has to use a large amount of imagination and effort to see what the designer was seeing when they designed and named the product. That is certainly not the case with Troy Lighting’s gorgeous line of light fixtures. When they point you to their nautical themed line of pendant lights, you really can feel the boat under your feet. That line and many others will inspire you to make America’s history a part of your home.

Bristol Bay Memories

PendantHaving a collection of The Bristol Bay pendants in your home will really make you feel ready to sail out to sea. They are boats and night time journeys. It’s that magical moment in your novel, right before the adventure begins, that moment of quiet excitement when you are waiting for something to happen. And they bring the comfortable confidence and feeling of safety that a solid ship can give.  Your home will love them. Their warm golden amber glow and antique bronze finish will make every evening at home seem cozy and comfy, like a warm spiced and buttered rum, just before someone spots the great white whale.

Allegheny Memories

Another one of Troy Lighting’s product lines that brings to mind the great American novel is the Allegheny line. Look at these fixtures and you will see dark summer evenings in the puritan villages of New England. The sconces in this outdoor line are solid, black iron, but gorgeous, with their gently curved domes and pleasing lines. The pleasantly shaped glass jar holding the light is surrounded by a cage that is at the same time modern and old-fashioned. They will make you think of the good men and women who stood for their beliefs in Hawthorne’s tales, and they will bring to mind evenings of community and sharing food with friends.

Bamboo Dreams

Chinatown. The zen gardens and koi ponds. The soft trickle of water and the sound of the pan flutes. These bamboo wall brackets are light and peaceful. They are made of bamboo glass and held with lovely iron accent lines, and their warm light glows from within. These lights will put you at ease no matter where you install them, and they’ll keep you relaxed throughout the evening.

Inspired by America

The designers at Troy Lighting are creative and talented. They produce top quality light fixtures, but it’s their designs that set them apart. They know what it means to create a theme, and to work within that theme to create pieces that actually bring America’s history into your home and heart. The light products themselves are an example of the workmanship that built our country. Hand-forged iron, hand applied finishes, and lovely glass and shading are an essential part of their high quality products, given to you at affordable prices. America has a rich landscape and a diverse multi-cultural history, and the designs at Troy Lighting reflect that history and quality.

Check out our line of Troy Lighting at Crescent Harbor today to find the light fixture that inspires you.


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