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Troy Lighting – The modern vision of outdoor and indoor lights

There are plenty of companies in USA who specialize in manufacturing quality lights and lighting fixtures. However, all of them are not among the market leaders. On the contrary, there are only a few companies, who are known for their passion for perfection in procuring quality components, and melding that into great design, value, and as well as a desire to offer total  consumer satisfaction. These few exceptions drive the market and set the standard of excellence.

Troy Lighting is one of those few exceptions and the team of professional designers in this company are inspired to create something unique and innovative for their customers where aesthetics and functionality intersect. The company is specialized in making exterior and interior lighting products; their products are unique in the marketplace not only for their terrific design, but for durability and above all for their range of prices.

Design and quality

Troy designs keeps one eye on aesthetics as well as another other eye rests on durability and quality. Aesthetics are maintained in such a way that home owners can use outdoor lights for their interior decoration, as they are just so attractive that their broad selection of exterior lights work well in indoor environments in most cases. Each of their fixtures are made with variability and versatility that their users can simply enjoy an awesome symmetry of shapes, sizes, and patterns for creating fixtures that are truly eye candy.

Quality control and quality assurance are two prime qualities of this lighting fixture manufacturing company. Most of the fixtures are made with hand forged iron, hand applied finishes, and beautiful glass shades that offer pure style and fashion. With Troy Lighting, engineering has been fused with artistic innovation where lights and lighting fixtures become an integral part of the overall room decor.

Product range

Troy Lighting presents a wide range of lighting products in broad two categories: these are exterior (outdoor lighting) and interior lighting. Both the categories are contain sconces, hanging pendants, bath and vanity for the indoors, as well as flush and semi flush lights ideal for the ceiling.
In outdoor lighting category some of the most significant product ranges are exterior hanging, wall mounted models, post fixtures, flush, post and pier mounts that are ideal for the driveway and garden. The broad variety of fixture types within each series ensures consistency across your home.

Apart from all these lighting products, Troy has launched their exclusive lighting product range with the classic WILLIAMSBURG brand. These lighting fixtures present a unique blend of decoration and US heritage from a previous era. Each of the products available in this vintage collection is imbedded in history or is inspired by historical associations with old-time Americana. In all aspects this designer lighting product line represents the glory and splendour of the ex-capital city of Virginia, when the city was the heart of American freedom movement. The Troy team has wonderfully blended the past’s heritage in today’s fashion on a retro style platform, creating a signature collection for your home, as you deserve it!

The Troy Lighting Company believes in progressing towards the future but always keeps a close association with its glorious past and its success. When you will install a Troy Lighting product you are not only showing progress towards the future, as it is a respectful way to pay respect to your tradition and the passion continually move forwards.

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