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Troy Lighting Fixtures for Your Home

Planning out the design and decor of a room can be a deeply satisfying activity. Not only are you making a comfortable space for you and your loved ones to spend time in, you are expressing your imagination, your creativity and your personality, in a way that other people will see and interact with every day. You get to choose the furniture that will keep you comfy, the floor that will greet your feet, the walls that will give the room its color (and hold up the artwork that you choose), and, very importantly, you get to pick out the Troy Lighting fixtures that will give the room its unique atmosphere.

Heart and Soul

The Troy Lighting line is designed around the idea that light is more than just something that is used to see other things. The light in a room is something that lingers in your memory long after you leave. Windows and doors can let in the daylight, which is always a delight. But at nighttime, the room can gain a whole different character if you choose the right lighting. Do you want a bright and cheerful atmosphere or a warm and intimate feel for your living room? Should your bedroom be lit from above or have the cozy feeling that a couple of nightstand lamps can give? So much of a room’s personality comes from its lighting.

Lovely to Look At

Troy Lighting is dedicated to making light fixtures that look beautiful even when they aren’t turned on. A well-made, classy light fixture is a work of art in its own right, and can contribute to a room the same way that a painting or a sculpture does. Not all lamps have to be statement pieces, however. Troy Lighting also provides classically understated fixtures that quietly add ambiance and class to your room. All of our products, no matter how eye-catching or simple, are made from fine materials and are guaranteed to remain beautiful and bright and to enrich your home for years to come.

Inspiration for Your Home

Here at Crescent Harbor, we like to think of our Troy Lighting fixtures as inspiration waiting to happen. We hope that while you browse our website, you will see the perfect lamp, sconce or chandelier from Troy Lighting for your home. We also hope that if you are designing a new room, or a whole new home, that our products will become the focal point for your design ideas. Our work is beautiful enough to build your home around, and we take pride in knowing that our inspiration will illuminate your inspiration!

Every Room in Your House

Each room in your home needs light, and we are here to make that light as beautiful and as memorable as possible. With quality craftsmanship and gorgeous design, we like to think there is room all throughout your home for Troy Lighting fixtures. We at Crescent Harbor stand by our products and look forward to helping your house become its most beautiful. Browse our gallery and see how we can illuminate your life and your home.

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