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Timeless Handmade Lighting for Your Home

Antique Look, Modern Style

Our line of Brass Traditions by Malco will take your breath away. These beautiful, handcrafted lighting fixtures combine rugged style with a contemporary yet timeless look. Handmade to meet the highest qualities of design and craftsmanship, Brass Traditions lighting are made of various materials, including copper and brass. Traditionally made of tin, Brass Traditions has refined the designs of yore, in order to build beautiful yet durable and long-lasting handmade lighting fixtures that pay homage to the past, but are built to last well into the future.

History of Light

The origins of Malco’s Handmade Lighting fixtures can be traced back to the seafaring days of the 19th century. Mariners used to burn their lamps well into the wee hours of the night, keeping their homes lit by burning whale oil in what came to be called “onion lights” for their round and bulbous shape. Drawing on traditional designs, Brass Traditions has preserved the tradition of the past but given them a contemporary twist. Offering a selection of handmade indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures, the company bases all of their designs on the traditional methods, but uses better quality finishes and lighter glass so that homeowners can display these beautiful pieces by mounting them on indoor or outdoor spaces.

Onion lights are popular all along the New England coast and Eastern Seaboard, as residents pay homage to their oceanic past. However, these handmade lights also make stunning additions to any home, no matter the location. They will immediately draw your houseguests’ attention, as their contemporary yet nostalgic look evokes memories of the past. When you install Brass Traditions handmade lighting, these items quickly become the focal point of any room, and tend to be a bit of a conversation piece. If you want to add a sense of style and history to your home décor, take a look at our stunning collection of Brass Lighting by Malco.

A Family Heirloom

Brass Lighting by Malco has been handcrafting these beautiful, stunning lights for nearly 25 years now, perfecting and updating the traditional design. These handmade lights are available at a variety of price points, and are designed to be mounted on a variety of posts. Furthermore, all the glass is hand blown, and all the metal casings are handmade to the highest standards of durability. These metal castings protect the glass from damage from the elements or time, and come in a variety of gorgeous finishes and materials to match any décor.

When you purchase one of these handmade lighting fixtures from Crescent Harbor, you’re purchasing an heirloom that will remind generations of your family of their roots and ancestry for many years to come. Just as the traditions of crafting these resilient, beautiful lights have been passed down from one generation to the next, so too will these lights give your family home a sense of history and tradition, and can even be passed on from generation to generation. The quality of these lights is unparalleled, and their history lives on. Celebrate your heritage with Brass Lighting.

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