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Three Reasons to Brighten up Your Home’s Outdoor Areas with DVI Lighting

Lighting really sets the tone for a space. It may not always be obvious, but there is a distinct mood that is heavily influenced by the lighting in a home, office, restaurant or even a backyard. What design are you looking for? Figuring this out will make it easy to decide what lights your space should include. Security, safety and ambience will all influence your choices. Depending on the location of your home and the requirements for a neighborhood, it is possible to outfit lighting in almost any style. Remember that color, material and cost will all need to be factored into the decision-making process.


In almost every TV commercial for security systems, the scene is set with dimly lit areas where it is difficult to make out the house, never mind the burglars creeping around the back door. Then, once the security system is installed, there are bright lights, speakers and security cameras, all backed up by an authoritative-sounding voice that promises immediate retribution. Instantly, the burglars realize their mistake and run away. If your home more closely resembles the “before” picture than the “after”, it might be time to add some more lights. Brighten up your home’s outdoor areas with DVI lighting. You have many options. Motion sensors can make your home feel more secure by activating when someone or something approaches.


Lighting isn’t only important for security reasons. When was the last time you tripped over your sprinkler while doing some late evening watering? Brighten up your home’s exterior areas with DVI outdoor lighting. Solar-powered path lights, or outdoor post and column mount fixtures can sit along a fence or flowerbed to provide perimeter lighting. The last thing you need to do is sprain an ankle. It’s embarrassing at work to have to explain to your colleagues that the reason you can’t participate in this year’s summer fitness challenge is because you hurt yourself while walking in your own backyard. That walk of shame puts a damper on more than your work relationships. Your kids and spouse won’t appreciate an injury that puts a damper on summer plans, either.


Lighting can make your backyard feel like a fancy disco, elegant restaurant, or ritzy dance club. It can also feel rustic and homey, depending on how you set things up. Maybe you’re attempting to create a more European feel. Whatever the goal, you can brighten up your outdoor area using lighting products from Crescent Harbor Modern lighting. They have outdoor wall mount, sconces, hanging light fixtures and pendants, and even outdoor ceiling mount and flush mount fixtures for your covered spaces. Create any look and feel you like.

Outdoor spaces should be available for any part of the year. You can imagine yourself in an Italian vineyard or sitting on the tropical coast. It is important to keep your space safe, secure and welcoming so that you and your family and friends want to go out and spend time in your backyard. Visit, play or just relax with a cold beverage while enjoying your own space. Then you can laugh and reminisce about the time you tripped over the sprinkler.

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