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How Tech Lighting Can Enhance Your Home

Whether you are selling your home or simply updating it, one area that can have a great impact is the choice of lighting. There are many options out there, from big box store pieces, to bargains found at garage sales, to high end designer fixtures. Your choice of lighting impacts everything from the wall colors to where the shadows sit in the room, and it makes a statement as well.

Opting for modern

At Crescent Harbor Modern, one brand of wall sconces all love is Tech Lighting. Modern, elegant, and understated, these light fixtures can enhance any room. Designed and built to the highest standards, they feature sleek angular lines and crisp colors that can be found in some of the most stylish homes in the country. Often used by up-scale hotels and restaurants, Tech Lighting offers inspiration in wall sconces, pendant lights and ceiling fixtures, and it can add the finishing touch to any upgrade.

Looking through the styles we have in stock, it is hard not to come away with inspiration. The Larkspur line in amber and oiled bronze, for example, generate a warm, ruddy glow that would perfectly compliment a room with dark woods or fabrics, and it would do well in a den, dining room, or any room where the ambiance leans towards warm colors or earth tones. The Coronado or the Nebbia would do well in areas that need brightening up and a fresh feel. Both fixtures would accent a cool or neutral colored room, such as a bathroom or man-cave where the emphasis is on opening up spaces. Two of our more flexible light fixtures series from Tech Lighting would be the Playa and the Boreal lines. With its flush rounded curves and dark tinted glass, the Playa flush wall sconce can be used to accent almost any style or color of room, and the Boreal, with its neutral earth tone adds a hint of natural beauty and understated elegance that any designer would enjoy.

It’s about quality

Compared to the cost of lighting brands seen at big box stores, these Tech Lighting fixtures may seem expensive, but it is a cost that is well worth it. While furniture and wall colors often change on a regular basis with the current trends, lighting is expected to outlast the trends and is often the last thing to be changed or updated. With that in mind, it is important to choose fixtures that will withstand the test of time and trend, and will not need to be replaced as often due to poor design or craftsmanship. When people walk in, your homes tell them something about ourselves: how you like to relax, what ambiance or style you enjoy—and lighting is a large part of that. It sets the tone and illuminates the places where you lay our heads. It is the first thing we turn on in a room and the last thing turned off. It surrounds and envelopes all. So what does your space say about you?

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