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Seven Reasons Why People Like Troy Lighting Chandeliers and Sconces

Troy lighting is a name that stands out with both homeowners and interior designers. Once you get to know Troy Lighting sconces and chandeliers, it becomes easy to see why.

Troy Lighting Chandeliers

They are Hand forged

Troy Lighting uses the traditional method of hand forging to create their fixtures. When you look at a Troy Lighting chandelier or sconce, each part of its design was created by hand.  This historical method of forging helps to retain both fixture integrity and quality.

Their Unique Designs

It only takes a few moments to see why this company is ahead of its time in design. Using a balanced mix of modern pop culture and rustic art, they produce lighting fixtures that cannot be matched elsewhere.  Troy Lighting Sconces, for example have an extreme modern appeal while still retaining a timeless look that never goes out of style.

They are High Quality

Troy Lighting uses only the highest quality materials in their Troy Lighting chandeliers and sconces.  These materials are then hand forged to their desired shape and style. This technique goes into every light fixture they create. Their combination of high quality materials, combined with their hand forged skills, results in an extremely durable light fixture that can withstand years of use.

They use Unique Materials

While most lighting companies mass produce their fixtures from low cost materials, Troy lighting prides themselves with stepping away from that cliché.  Troy Lighting sconces and chandeliers are made with a high-quality combination of materials, such as iron, textiles, steel, and glass.  These types of materials can withstand air elements much longer then generic stainless steel. This helps to ensure that the Troy Lighting chandeliers and Troy Lighting sconces will withstand the elements of any room that they are placed in.

They Have a Wide Range of Options

The Engineers at Troy Lighting ensure that they are always at the top of their game when it comes to design. This has allowed them to create hundreds of styles of Troy Lighting sconces and Troy Lighting chandeliers. From modern to rustic, there is a light fixture for every size and style of room.  Looking for unique does not mean that you are limited in style.

Something for all Price Ranges

A wide range of styles means a wide range of prices. Whether you are looking for a large-scale Troy Lighting Chandelier for a dining area or a small Troy Lighting sconce for a bathroom, there is fixture that matches your budget.  The combination of styles, mixed with the flexible price range, allows both large-scale companies as well as budget-minded homeowners to be able to own a unique and high-quality piece of art.  Troy Lighting has found the perfect balance of quality and affordability, and this is passed on to you, the customer.

Easy Shopping Experience with Crescent Harbor

When you purchase your Troy Lighting fixture through Crescent Harbor, we make sure your shopping experience is a pleasant one. With free shipping and free returns, you are ensured that you are completely satisfied with your purchase. If you are uncertain if a fixture will work for your space, our customer service representatives are happy to help.  If you receive it and it is not what you are looking for, we can help with that, too. We love our Troy Lighting fixtures: from Troy Lighting chandeliers to Troy Lighting sconces, the love and care that is put into these fixtures shows in the final product. We are excited to be able share this care with you.

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