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Varieties of Light Fixtures from Seagull Lighting

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of any room and renovation. Not only can the right light fixture give a room a visual and stylish focal point, it can also bathe the area in light that accents your other style choices. That is why Seagull Lighting is dedicated to creating high-quality, stylish, and visually striking lighting solutions. More than simply a place for a light bulb, we understand that the right fixture can make, break, or reinvent your home. Here are just a few places Seagull Lighting can add to yourhome’s style.

1. Bathrooms

Bathroom lighting is not only a matter of style, but is also a matter of getting the right amount of light for your daily routine. All of Seagull Lighting’s bathroom light fixtures blend stylish designs with soft lighting choices that give your bathroom a warm and inviting look. Seagull wall sconces come with anywhere between one and four lights, making them versatile and handy pieces that can go almost anywhere. You can have a stylish three-light sconce above the mirror to help with your morning routine, and two one-light sconces on either side of the door for an unobtrusive and comfortable lighting solution. Plus, their water-resistant construction makes them perfect for the extra steam and moisture that commonly occurs in our bathrooms.

2. Kitchens

Perhaps more than any other room in the house, the kitchen is where lighting is absolutely essential. From delicate baking tasks to cutting up vegetables, kitchen users need to be able to see what they’re doing. But kitchens are also natural gathering places, so getting the style right is important, too. That’s why Seagull Lighting’s kitchen fixtures come in a wide variety of styles to suit the many needs of a kitchen. For countertops and islands, consider one of the many pendant and ceiling fixtures. And for the adjacent dining room, a lovely chandelier can add to any dining experience.

3. Outdoors

Seagull LightingUnlike other light fixtures, outdoor lights need to be durable and tough to survive the elements, and bright enough to keep important pathways illuminated at night. But a focus on durability doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice good looks. In fact, many Seagull outdoor fixtures can add to your outdoor designs. All our outdoor fixtures are made from brass, which keeps the costs low and adds a certain rustic flair to any outdoor space. They come in designs meant for all areas, from walls to doors to freestanding post lights, so you can get the light you want exactly where it’s needed.

Seagull Lighting offers a wide variety of lighting solutions for your bathroom, kitchen, office, and more. We focus on ingenuity and style, creating lights that not only look good, but which also keep rooms bathed in just the right amount of light. If you’re looking for lighting fixtures to match your designs and visions, check out our many varieties. You will probably find something that fits exactly—or, even better, you’ll find a piece that will reinvent your room’s look and feel.


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