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Seagull Lighting Pendants : A Quick and Easy Room Makeover

Everybody reaches a point in their home where they’re tired of looking at it—the furniture, the layout, the décor: these things become outdated eventually, and it becomes harder to appreciate your home when it feels like it’s not moving forward with the rest of your life. Of course, almost nothing in a home is permanent. You can always renovate, remodel, or redecorate to give things a lift. However, a major home renovation can be very expensive, so a complete revamp of the decor is often out of the question. But just because a full redo is out of reach, it doesn’t mean you can’t do a few things to spruce up a room or two to make your house feel brand new again. Something as simple as replacing a light fixture with a Seagull Lighting pendant can give a room a serious face lift, and make you fall in love with your home all over again.seagull lighting pendants

Where to Make a Statement

Once you’ve decided to change out some of the fixtures in your home to Seagull Lighting pendants, the first step in this mini makeover is to decide where to make the change. This might be a taller order than you think—many homes have pendant (or spaces that could benefit from pendants) in several rooms and common areas. Changing them all might not be the frugal face lift you were looking for, so it’s best to just pick one or two in a couple of key areas.

So how do you pick where to make the change? Of course, the perfect spot for a Seagull Lighting pendant is going to vary from house to house, but in general, a good place to start is in a well-used common area. An entrance or dining room is always a good choice because these are areas that typically already have pendants, so the wiring is in place. They are also areas that almost anyone who visits the house will see, so an upgrade in these areas is a wise and logical investment.

Decisions, Decisions

The next step is the fun part—picking out your new Seagull Lighting pendant! This is where you get to let your inner interior designer out as you decide on the perfect pendant to renew your space. So, what will it be? A grand, crystal pendant? A sleek, contemporary glass or brass shade? A rustic iron statement piece? There are so many choices. Remember to choose something that complements the existing decor—even if you’re a little tired of your current furnishings, you don’t want to choose a pendant light that clashes with the interiors. It should be easy to find something neutral enough to work with your current decor, but transitional enough to match any new furnishings you may introduce in the future.

If you’re ready for a change in your home, you don’t have to completely renovate the entire space. A simple change in pendant lights is enough to modernize and update your home without breaking the bank. If you’re ready to start checking out styles, check out Crescent Harbor. Our selection of Seagull Lighting pendants is sure to have something perfect your home.

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