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Seagull Lighting Pendants – Beautiful, functional and versatile

What’s special about choosing pendant lights to illuminate your home? Pendants have become a very popular choice for many reasons, and Seagull Lighting pendants offer an excellent selection. Browse through and you will find what you are looking for. However, if you are not sure if pendant lights are the right choice, then read on to learn a bit more about what sets pendant lights apart from other lighting choices.


They are elegant, but that doesn’t make them chandeliers

Pendant lights are versatile; they fit in more spaces than a chandelier would, and yet they can have the same kind of lighting effect at a much lower cost. They can be as large or small as they are needed to be. Seagull Lighting pendants ( are casual and elegant at the same time, and they have a great variety of style that makes them appropriate for any small space in the home that requires a targeted, warm light source. They look great in the hallway, and they look great over a workspace. Of course, if you want a chandelier as well as a pendant light in your home, Seagull Lighting has pendants, sconces, and chandeliers in the same lighting collections, so matching is easy.

Pendant lights do have specific areas where they go best

Pendant lights hang from the ceiling and provide a warm and focused light to a specific area. Where chandeliers diffuse a warm light broadly across a wide area, pendant lights are for workspaces or areas that require concentrated light. They can light up a dark corner to welcome your guests, like this hallway pendant from Seagull Lighting, or they can hang over a table top or an easy chair in the living room, like this Seagull Lighting pendant. Pendant lights are always an attractive focal point.

Think about the light

Pendant lights come in different materials and finishes that make a difference to how the light is diffused. Seagull Lighting pendants come in bronze, chrome, gold, brass, or cast-iron finishes, and with different kinds of bowls, or shades, in clear glass, white glass, or fabric. Shades serve as light diffusers, so the type of shade determines the ambience. Even pendant lights can give a strong, white light if that is what is needed. Just be sure that is what the space requires.

Other things to consider, when choosing the right pendant for the space, is the height of the ceiling. You need to know that to determine the length of the chain on the Seagull Lighting pendant. For a high ceiling, look for a pendant with a long cord so the light is not too far overhead. However, over a desk or table, the chain should not hang too low, or people will be tempted to duck down when they come near it. In both situations, the length of the chain affects the amount of light the pendant gives. Don’t forget, the most important thing about your lighting fixture is the light that it gives.

Seagull Lighting pendants will meet your needs, and Crescent Harbor can provide you with support and a wide range of choices to help you find the best light for your home.

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