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Save Money and Space with a Minka Aire Ceiling Fan

When it comes to decorating and energy savings, ceiling fans are known to be a fantastic choice.  How much are you saving and how economical is it? It is one thing to be aware of how much they can help your home and your finances, but it is quite another to have some solid evidence of the benefits.  The following is just a few of the ways that you can save time, space, and money with a Minka Aire ceiling fan.

Financial Savings

When you compare the price of a ceiling fan to the cost of an air conditioner or upgrading a heating system, the difference is quite substantial. A room air conditioner will cost approximately $0.14/hour to run, or $54/month. A central air conditioning system will cost approximately $0.36/hour to run or $129/month A ceiling fan, due to the low wattage, will cost approximately $0.01/hour to run or $1.20/month.  These are huge savings when you consider your estimated cost over the period of one year.  This does not take general care and maintenance into effect.  There is considerably less upkeep needed with a Minka Aire ceiling fan than with an air conditioning unit.

Minka Aire Ceiling FansEnergy Savings

Ceiling fans work by rotating air around a room. This can be used for both heating and cooling.  When compared to air conditioners, the actual numbers are astounding.  A room air conditioner will average around 1000 watts of power while a central air conditioner will average around 3,500 watts of power.  An average ceiling fan will use approximately 50 watts of power to cool a room.  These are just the average numbers.  Changing the angle of the fan blades or investing in a specialized fan like a Minka Aire ceiling fan will increase the functionality of the fan, lowering temperatures as well as decreasing the energy needed to do so.

Space Savings

When it comes to both décor and function, you want to maximize your ceiling space, using as little of it as possible.  Large rooms do well with multiple lights in decorative lines or patterns; small rooms work best with a single light in a central location. Track and directional lighting work well to create a wider light range or even a focus point.  To maximize both your budget and your space, Minka Aire ceiling fans are the answer. When you combine a stylish fan with functional lights, you have a ceiling accessory that regulates temperature as well as provides efficient lighting. In addition to this, if you use your fan as the focus point, you can purchase a highly decorative fan that enhances the look of your entire room.

When it comes to ceiling fans, Minka Aire has the market on function and style. Their wide range of designs will ensure that there is a fan for your style, taste and space.  When it comes to redecorating or even simply better function, look at your options with Minka Aire ceiling fans.  If you have questions about what is right for you, contact us at Crescent Harbor. We would be happy to answer any questions you have about your space, design, and budget.  You will be surprised at the options available to you.

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