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How to Redecorate with Hudson Valley Pendants and Hudson Valley Sconces

If you’re looking for great ideas to decorate your home that are inexpensive but elegant, you’ve come to the right place. One of the perfect ways to enhance your home’s décor is with your lighting choices. Below, we’re going to look at Hudson Valley Pendants and Hudson Valley Sconces to see what they can add to any room or hallway.

Hudson Valley Pendants

Hudson Valley Pendants

When you hear the word pendant, you probably envision a necklace with a gem resting on the chest of the wearer, and of course, you’re right. A Lighting pendant is a fixture that hangs from the ceiling. The light is suspended by a chain, cord, or metal rod, creating natural and elegant charm. Thus, the light acts as the gem. These types of light are often hung in multiples over dinette sets or kitchen countertops, and in bathrooms. There are many lighting companies with a pendant line in their collections, so what makes Hudson Valley Pendants stand out? This company’s pendant line is exceptionally versatile. Depending on your style, you can find what you’re looking for. Their pendant collection ranges from conservative to traditional, as well as from traditional to contemporary.

Hudson Valley Sconces

When you picture sconce lighting, think of it as a torch. The lighting fixture is at the top, so the lighting is directed upwards (with exceptions). It’s affixed to the wall, so it only uses the wall for its support. It doesn’t have a bottom base; thus, they need an electrical box installation. You can light up your hallway, bathroom, staircase, doorway entrance, or yard with Hudson Valley Sconces. As well, they’re eye catching when hung around artwork to showcase the art to make it a centerpiece or a fireplace for a comfy and cozy atmosphere.

What makes Hudson Valley Sconces unique is the design and durability. They’re classy because they combine unique design elements.

Hudson Valley Pendants and/or Hudson Valley Sconces

You might be wondering which type of lighting you should choose to decorate your home. You can go with either Hudson Valley pendants or Hudson Valley sconces, or you can use both types of lighting, depending on the scope of your decorating project.  If you’ve ever sat under the glare of fluorescent bulbs, you know that good lighting is important—and that different lighting styles change the mood of a room.

Hudson Valley Pendants wrap functionality into a charming package for workspaces, personal spaces, and to create zones in homes with an open layout or high ceilings. Using accent lighting to decorate a contemporary dining area is a great way to add sparkle and shimmering light with Hudson Valley Sconces. Since they supply ample reading light, you can put a sconce in your bedroom or guest bedroom.

Whichever styling choices you make between Hudson Valley Pendants and Hudson Valley Sconces, or a mixture of two, the ambiance you’re seeking is what’s important.

At Crescent Harbor, we take pride in offering our consumers beautiful lighting at the best prices. To see our wide selection of Hudson Valley Pendants and Hudson Valley Sconces, you can click the links and visit our website.

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