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How to Redecorate Your Home with Sonneman Lighting

Sometimes the simplest way to spruce up a home is to experiment with the lighting. Along with being much cheaper than doing something as drastic as changing the flooring or bathroom tiles, it is a very versatile way to re-decorate. For example, with Sonneman Lighting, you can create a traditional feel or go for a sleeker, contemporary look without tearing anything up or down.

Why Sonneman Lighting?

With a tagline that says “A Way of Light,” lighting manufacturer Sonneman constantly outdoes itself when it comes to innovative lighting. They Sonneman Lightingsare continually updating their modern designs with their use of symmetrical colors and geometry.

Their tagline is a philosophy that strongly believes that functionality and form are indistinguishable, which is how the company has gained a reputation for being both sophisticated and functional. And when you want to change the ambience of your home, chances are a lamp from Walmart won’t cut it.


Sonneman Lighting Ceiling Light

If you want to update your home, a contemporary Sonneman ceiling light is a great way to do that; and there are many to choose from. You can choose a low-energy LED pendant light to place above your kitchen island, or make a firm statement with an LED pendant in your bedroom.

You can also use a Sonneman pendant light to illuminate your office, or a row of ceiling lighting in the hallway to create a modern, sleek look. You just have to visualize the look and feel you want.

Make a Statement with Sonneman Lighting

A statement light can turn irregular spaces into an area with its own unique style. For example, the stair and landing area – although ceiling lights cover the area with practical light, a Sonneman statement pendant lighting in the stairwell can create an impact as it softly lights the wall.

Sonneman Lighting Wall Sconces

Sometimes lighting only needs to be a suggestion to help you frame a specific space or provide ambient lighting. A wall sconce offers wonderful lighting and you have beautiful sizes, and finishes to choose from so you can get creative.

Bathroom Decorating with Sonneman Lighting

If the bathroom is the place where you prepare for work, bathe the kids and wash the family pet, how can you turn it into a place that feels like a spa when you want to relax? When you turn off the general lighting, you can allow Sonneman ambient lighting to take over. Bath Sconces and accent colored lights, can be set to low-light and they will completely change the bathroom’s atmosphere for you.

Sonneman Lighting Floor Lamps

 You can light up any space with Sonneman floor lamp designs. The designs are cutting-edge and can offer much more than just lighting. They are a perfect redecorating tool to add visual appeal to any room.  By now you probably have lots of ideas on how you want to enhance your home, or update the look and feel with lighting.


At Crescent Harbor Modern, we take pride in offering our consumers beautiful lighting at the lowest prices. To see our wide selection of Sonneman lighting pieces, you can visit our website.


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