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Reasons Why People Choose Hudson Valley Pendants

There are lighting companies in the world who love the artistry of lighting and lighting design. They marvel at how different styles of lighting can completely change a room, how something as simple as a light bulb can change a space into something entirely different from what it once was. And there are companies that love the idea of lighting so much that they dedicate themselves to quality, artistic lighting fixtures that not only give spaces the illumination they need, but also elevate the decor at the same time. One such company is Hudson Valley; their pendant lights are a testament to the beauty and artistry of the light fixture.

Hudson Valley’s dedication to lighting started in in its home city of New York, where the combination of glamour and architectural wonder demanded lighting that was equally wondrous. The firm started small, with designer pieces that soon popped up in some of New York’s most desired neighborhoods. Like New York itself, the Hudson Valley pendant lights have a mixture of history and cutting edge, a respect for the past while looking ahead to the future of lighting design.

A Cutting-Edge Look

Part of what makes Hudson Valley pendants so beautiful and desirable is their superior quality in manufacturing. Rather than automating the entire process, Hudson Valley insists that every piece gets a personal touch, oftentimes through hand-rubbed finishes. By adding that human touch to the manufacturing process, each piece is given an individual feel.


Made from the Highest Quality

Quality materials are also synonymous with Hudson Valley, especially when it comes to their pendants. Since pendants tend to be smaller than grand lighting fixtures like chandeliers, quality materials are extremely important to ensure the lights will last. Hudson Valley is dedicated to using the best materials in their manufacturing process, including heavy casting for extra durability. By using heavy casting, they have created a line of light pendants that are both beautiful and built to last.

The final element that makes Hudson Valley pendants so beautiful is quality design. These pieces are created by some of the world’s top lighting designers, people who understand not only the fixtures, but also how light changes a room. Each pendant not only elevates the decor of a space with its classic design, but it also bathes the space in the perfect amount of light for the right atmosphere. It’s this dedication to both aspects of lighting design that makes these pendant lights so special.

Finding quality lighting can be extremely difficult, which is why it’s important to use lighting specialists for your lighting needs. At Crescent Harbor, we have spent years curating lighting fixture lines by manufacturers who are doing something that’s different, and at an extremely high level of quality. If you are in search of some beautiful pendant lights for your home or office, be sure to check out Crescent Harbor’s selection of Hudson Valley pendants. They are sure to elevate the decor of almost any space.

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