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Reasons Corbett Lighting is Changing Modern Lighting

Lighting fixtures have changed in the past decade or so. They’ve gone from functional pieces that simply hold lightbulbs to works of art. From basic pieces that were meant to be ignored to another opportunity to display some style and express yourself. These changes happened because of a few designers who saw lighting as more than a chance to brighten a room, and the designers at Corbett Lighting are part of that movement. The light fixtures from Corbett Lighting are elegant, modern, and can change any room’s style and decor. But that isn’t the only reason to make the switch to Corbett Lighting. Here are four reasons why they’re changing lighting as we know it.

1. Function and Fashion

Many lighting fixtures today are either entirely functional or entirely fashionable. They either light up an area or look good. Corbett Lighting, however, is a perfect blend of both. The lights are expertly crafted to help illuminate an area and look good in and of themselves. So instead of settling for either something that works or something that fits your decor, you can find a fixture that does both, and helps create the ideal look in your home.

2. Modern Aesthetics

Not too long ago, lighting fixtures were seen primarily as things that needed to blend in with existing decor. Unless it was a grand chandelier, the look was always to hide or accentuate, never to stand out or define. But Corbett Lighting is changing assumptions by creating lighting solutions that stand out. Instead of finding a piece that simply looks like everything else, you can make your lighting a room’s defining feature. The results can be quite different from the usual decor schemes, and is sure to turn heads.

3. Quality Designs

Corbett Lighting specializes in high quality, modern looks that are well-crafted and designed to last. Most lighting fixtures can feel flimsy, making light bulb changes a stressful event, but our lighting fixtures and mounting equipment and made with high-quality parts. That means they could last you longer than others, and can endure the regular wear-and-tear that any piece in your home will see.

4. Variety

The many varieties of lighting fixtures available through the Corbett Lighting line mean that you can find something that you’ll love at a price that you’ll appreciate. For a multi-functional light that’s water-proof and provides a consistent light, look to our wide range of bathroom wall scones. You can pick from the ultra-stylish to the subtle and effective, but all of them will provide the kind of light you need for your morning routine, and look great for when you have guests in the evening. If you need a more grand statement, Corbett Lighting also carries many different kinds of classic and modern chandeliers. These can be the crowning jewel of any room: large and beautiful pieces that define decor. No matter what you need, the modern sensibilities of Corbett Lighting are sure to have something for you and your home.

The next time you want to change your light fixtures, or change a room’s look, think of Crescent Harbor Modern, we have the styles you want at the prices you can afford.

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