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Pictures Can Say a Thousand Words with House of Troy Fixtures

Picture lighting is a great way to draw attention to a piece of artwork or a photograph that you want to highlight to guests. This is especially helpful if you want to turn off your glaring ceiling lights, but still want guests to be able to see all of the great décor in your home. It will also add to the ambience, making for a cozy evening.

Picking the correct picture lighting can be tough, however. For someone who is not familiar with picture lighting, finding a place to start is the first step. Highlighting pictures with specialized lighting depends on a number of factors, such as the size of the picture, the type of picture and, of course, preference. You’ll want to sit down and think about exactly how you want to showcase your picture. Do you want to take a more subtle route with dim lighting? Or, do you want to draw all attention to that one picture? The option is up to you!

House of Troy is an excellent source for picture lighting. The light fixtures offered by House of Troy can be found highlighting pictures all around the world, including ones in world class museums. These lighting options are also used to highlight local artists too, with the fixtures being present in many homes for personal use. Because the price range is so reasonable, they are perfect for any sort of facility or home.

There are many different lighting options for illuminating your artwork, including picture-mounted fixtures, wall sconces, and plug-in spotlight lamps. The picture lights and wall sconces can come in a number of different designs including traditional and arching, which both have different illumination styles. Typically, picture-mounted and wall-mounted fixtures highlight the picture from the top of the frame, while spotlight lamps highlight the picture angled from the bottom. House of Troy has a great selection of both picture- and wall-mounted lamps as well as spotlights. Their lamps come in a variety of designs that feature close placements and over-arching angled lighting to provide the best illumination for your needs.

You’ll also want to choose a lighting fixture that doesn’t overpower your artwork. Having a lamp that is too bright or too dim will be counter-productive to your original goal. If you pay very close attention to the lamp you are using, you can maximize the look of the final result. That being said, it may be best to research the kind of lighting to be used for certain artwork (paintings compared to photography) and choose accordingly. A good rule of thumb is to keep the beam of light being emitted from the fixture the same width as the frame or smaller. House of Troy has a number of different sized lighting fixtures that are perfect for a wide range of artwork sizes. These fixtures also have voltage options so you can choose how strong of a light you need to be using for your artwork.

You can browse the large selection of lighting options available through House of Troy on our website. The perfect lighting fixture is just one click away. Visit us today.

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