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Picture Lights: Innovative and Glamorous Lighting for Your Artworks

Does your art collection seem a little dim? It can be hard to appreciate—no matter how amazing it is—when it is hard to see. Adding that touch of lighting can make all the difference when it comes to your display; however, it can be hard to find ways to light up your collection without risking damage to it from impure or too-intense light sources. And you don’t want to be stuck paying for lighting fixtures that are too bulky or the wrong style for the artwork—and for the room. The light fixture should be able to emphasize the artwork while also complimenting its style. Here’s where picture lights can help.

Glamorous Lighting
Introducing Picture Lights

You don’t buy artwork just to keep it in the dark. It’s on display for a reason: you like it, and you want to showcase it to other people. However, showcasing a work of art means creating a space where the details of the artwork can truly stand out. This is where picture lights come in. Picture lights can add all the right emphasis to make a work of art truly stand out in a room, and in doing so it makes the features of the art much more visible. But you need to be careful what kind of lighting you use. You don’t want the fixture to be too bulky or it will take away from your display, and you want to make sure whatever kind of lighting it uses isn’t going to damage your artwork.

Innovation in Illumination

Here in Crescent Harbor, we offer an innovative and glamorous line of picture lights for all of your artwork. In fact, our picture lights can be found illuminating some of the finest works of art in the world in some of the finest museums and art galleries across the globe. They also are widely used by local artists who wish to display their masterpieces, and they can be found in homes across the globe that wish to do more than simply hang their artworks, but wish to display them, or work them into the decor as the focal point of the room.

At Crescent Harbor, we offer many different types and styles of picture lights—from the House of Troy Lectern light to the classic LED Picture light, and all the fluorescent and slim wire picture lights in between. We offer a range of styles and colors to suit your decorating needs, and our lighting solutions are designed to fit a range of budgets. Further, for added convenience, we offer styles in different models, including direct wire, plug in, and even battery operated models.

Whatever your need, we at Crescent Harbor can help. We’ll match you with a picture light that will bring out all the wonder of your artwork within your budget and in the right style and model for your room. Visit us online today to view our range of products or contact us so we can help you illuminate all the glamour of your collection.

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