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Picture Lighting brings Beauty into Your Home

Making the most out of your beautiful artwork means making sure that it is seen. In a dark corner, or in the harsh sunlight, a piece of artwork never seems to be displayed at its best advantage. There are a lot of good ways to display art, but they are all planned so that people notice it and admire it for what it is. Why not do what the museums and galleries do. Light it so that it can be seen. After all, many of the greatest old masters were dark and heavy. As well, they were locked into ornate, but heavy frames, and without the lighting, some of the greatest detail would not appear. Picture lighting is the greatest gift you can give your paintings.

Art is atmosphere

Art has a value beyond its monetary price. If it is expensive, you will want to take care of it, and have it seen, but even if it isn’t, it still is something that you love and makes you feel like you are in your own home. Lighting it will simply just make you happy.

Display it to advantage

Art is displayed at eye level, because the idea is that it will be seen. If it is where people can look at it, then it must be where they can see it. The lighting is situated just above the art work so that the light shines down on to it, illuminating it from above. In this way, the light brings life not only to the art work.

Direct wire, plug in, or battery

There are several choices for lighting, and depend mostly on your personal taste and ideas of permanence. Do you move around a lot, or change your artwork frequently. You will want lighting that can also be easily changed. Battery-operated lights, or plug-in lighting can be exchanged with the art work. If your collection is permanent, then direct-wired lighting that will not be frequently moved will be a better choice. Only the permanent light fixtures need to be mounted on the wall. The other kind can hook directly onto the picture frame itself.

Lighting and atmosphere

The art work is there for atmosphere. Your art choices make a statement about you and your preferences. Art also gives variety to your walls, to your color choices, and that is the same thing that lighting does. Lights add warmth and comfort to a room. The lights above the paintings do not only make the painting visible, they also bring ambience into the room.

Plain and simple

However useful they are, however cozy, these lights have a job to do. Your chandeliers and wall sconces may be art in themselves, but picture lighting is there to light up the art work. Therefore, the light itself should be plain and simple. They should not be noticed, beyond the light they give. They should seem to be an extension of the frame itself. In gold, silver or black, with a long hood, they should be invisible, so as not to detract from the art work itself.

Picture lighting from Crescent Harbor Lighting is a great way to show off your home to advantage. Art lovers should not be without it.

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