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The Perfect Picture Lights to Illuminate Your Home’s Decor

Artwork is one of the many things that can turn houses into homes. The pieces that adorn our walls can fill us with emotions, offer a point of contemplation, or simply tie a room together in a particular design. But whatever the reason you have for the art on your walls, some of your most important pieces will certainly benefit from quality picture lights. These specialized lights sit just above your artwork’s frame and illuminate the piece, giving it the perfect viewing light—no matter where it is or what the time of day. If you have artwork that you love, here are a few reasons why you should consider picture lights.

consider picture lights1. The Right Kind of Light

Picture lights aren’t simply small lights, they’re lights designed to create the right kind of mood for your precious artwork. The best picture lights, like those we carry here at Crescent Harbor, are designed for a full, even light that lights up a piece the absolute right amount. So instead of a couple of lights that provide an uneven amount of lumens across a painting (creating dark spots that do a great injustice to the piece), picture lights get a look that lets the artwork speak for itself.

2. Position Artwork on Your Terms

Many people believe that finding the perfect place for their television set is one of the more difficult tasks in setting up a room, but the truth is that artwork is much more difficult. Artwork needs to, at once, stand out and blend in; it needs to demand attention while tying into the feel of the rest of the room or home. It can seem nearly impossible, but picture lights can make the entire process much easier. With picture lights, you won’t have to position a painting according to the room’s lighting, but according to its own lighting, which means your favorite pieces can go almost anywhere and still get the attention they deserve.

3. Illumination for Almost Anything

While picture lights are generally used for artwork, that’s just one of the many ways you can use them. The more creative have discovered many different uses for these tiny lights, including above mirrors, photos, and more. The best thing about picture lights is their size and effectiveness: they can go almost anywhere there’s a frame, and they will illuminate anything you want. So if you have a wall of family photos that you believe deserve the spotlight, or a piece of family art that you want to honor with the right lighting, picture lights can help you get the look you want.

If you are on the market for quality, unique picture lights, Crescent Harbor has a wide range of handmade pieces to choose from. Every one of our picture lights is made to provide an even and full light to whatever you choose. Wire, plug-in, and battery-operated models are all available, and each of them are used today in some of the world’s most prestigious museums. So if you have a painting that needs the right kind of light, consider Crescent Harbor’s wide range of picture lights.

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