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Why Pendant Lighting Is a Must for Any House

As the name implies, lights like pendant-a jewelry item, are called pendant lights. These lights are found suspended from the ceiling with a chain or cord or sometimes with a metal rod. Available in variety of shapes and sizes, these pendant-like-lights are available in cluster mode as well as   with single fixture.

Versatility is the buzz word of pendant styled lights. These lights can be used for task, general illumination, as well as for décor lighting purpose. For obvious reason pendent lighting arrangement can be placed in different points of a home like on kitchen islands, in the hallway, above the table tennis or billiard tables, or on dining table area for creating extra focus on the table area. Functionality, ease, and convenience are the reasons behind the undaunted popularity of these pendant lights, and that makes these lights the first choice of home makers, fastidious about lights, as a part of home decor.

How it is used in hallway

Pendant styled lights add drama and intensity of décor in a hallway and makes the area cozy. One can create excellent ambiance with multiple single pendant lights as well as with single pendant light fixture, which works like a chandelier, to some extent. Short corridors are planned in small apartments as the connector between hallway to kitchen or bedroom, etc. and here a single pendant styled light can simply induce lighting décor and wonder.

How it is used in kitchen

No matter is the size of your kitchen or about the traffic flow in the room, task lighting is one of the important aspects of kitchen illumination plan. Accordingly, there is no other option of task lighting available in kitchen other than fixing a pendant lighting arrangement. If there are two or three focal points in a kitchen, like dining area, cooking area, or kitchen sink area, it is possible to accommodate 2-3 pendant lights there.

For dining area using a chandelier is a better idea, however, if the room is an adjacent room to kitchen or a part of open kitchen, pendant lights can add sublime beauty to this place.

Other options for using pendant lights

Pendant lights can be used in different points of a house resulting in best illumination with splendor. For example, it is used in study room, it is used best in portico, or if there is a meditation room, a hanging pendant can be one of the most beautiful lighting arrangements there. Mini pendants, multi light pendants, and down light pendants are the best options for pendant light arrangements.

You can put these lights in bedroom also. In bedroom, up pendant lights and drum pendant styled fixtures awesome because of their sleek look and sublime light diffusion quality.

The suitability of hanging with different elongation, availability of wide range of looks,and different range of illumination capacity has made these pendant-styled lightings extremely popular for home décor items. These lights are available in market under different budget ranges. Easy availability, versatility, and wonderful suitability are the three prime qualities pendant lights offer to their users and that make it a must for all types of houses for making it a cozy illuminated home.

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