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Minka Aire Ceiling Fans Are a Breath of Fresh Air for Your Home

When people want to talk about things that are new, inventive, refreshing and enjoyable, they say that “it’s a breath of fresh air”. And if you think about a real breath of fresh air, it’s all of those things. It can cool you down when you’re feeling overheated, help you breathe when you’ve been stuck somewhere stuffy, and generally make you feel like a new and improved human being. At Crescent Harbor, we decided to take this saying literally with our Minka Aire line of ceiling fans, which were designed to make your home feel fresh and new, both in appearance and in air quality!

Summertime Cool

Everyone loves summertime, with its bright sunlight and beautiful green trees, but while the outdoors is wide open and breezy, the indoors can get a bit stuffy and overheated. A Minka Aire ceiling fan can cool down your living room or covered porch so that getting in out of the sunlight doesn’t have to mean baking in humid air. We want you to enjoy your tall, cool glass of lemonade in comfort, so we offer a wide variety of styles, sizes, and speeds for you to choose from when you’re creating your summertime getaway.

minka-aire-ceiling-fansWinter Freshness

Summer is the time that most people think of using ceiling fans, but at Minka Aire we know that things can get stuffy in the wintertime, too. It can be too cold to open your windows for months at a time, and indoor air can start to get unpleasantly stale. That’s when your ceiling fan comes to the rescue, getting that sluggish air moving and brightening up the atmosphere so that your winter hideaway feels as fresh and clean as it is cozy and warm. Just make sure not to hang any holiday decorations too close to your ceiling fan!

Stylish and New

We designed our Minka Aire ceiling fans not just to provide a real breath of fresh air, but a stylish one, too! Whether you’re building a whole new home or renovating an older building, our ceiling fans provide a splash of sophisticated style that acts as a pick-me-up for the whole room. We offer a choice of colors, styles and materials to delight and inspire you as you design your fresh, new room, and we hope to help you take home decoration to the next level by providing you with the perfect centerpiece for any kind of décor.

All That and Great Service Too

We also like to think of our top-notch customer service as another refreshing change from the ordinary, and we do our very best to provide you with every convenience as you shop our site and make your purchase. With a 110% low price guarantee and an easy, no-nonsense return policy, we’re here to make your shopping experience almost as fun as designing a beautiful new room. Come and browse our selection of styles and see how the perfect ceiling fan can be the breath of fresh air that your house needs!

31 Oct 2016

Stunning Hubbardton Forge Table Lamps

Crescent Harbor prides itself on carrying top-of-the-line, hand-forged, wrought iron Hubbardton Forge table lamps that will make a bold and brilliant statement to anyone’s home décor. Many of these gorgeous lamps feature intricate unique design elements that are simple and elegant.

Having the right light fixtures in your home can make all the difference to the look and feel of your home. Homes that are improperly lit or feature dull and generic lighting fixtures can feel cold and unwelcoming. Indeed, lighting is one of the most important elements of a home’s décor. Don’t settle for generic store-brand table and floor lamps. Why would you when you can have something as beautiful as a Hubbardton Forge Table Lamp? These light fixtures are stunning and one-of-a-kind, and will continue to light up your room – and your life – for many years.


The Value of a Table Lamp

Table lamps are often overlooked and underappreciated lighting fixtures. But table lamps are not only functional, providing extra lighting for reading on the couch or in bed; they also add a sense of comfort and style. Perfect for bedrooms, studies, and living rooms, it’s light, however bright or diffused, will instantly make a space feel warmer and more inviting. Finding the right table lamp for your home can be a difficult endeavor. You’ll want to look for light fixtures that are unique and elegant, but also ones that will not detract from the rest of your home’s décor. With a Hubbardton Forge table lamp, you’re guaranteed to be pleased with the perfect balance Hubbardton Forge has struck between style and function. These lamps are stunningly rendered, and will be sure to make a statement in your home. Whether you’re looking for a set of bedroom table lamps or a stand-alone piece, look no further than Hubbardton Forge.

Long-lasting Quality

Because of their highest of quality standards, these lamps are guaranteed to withstand the wear and tear of daily use. Their simple yet stunning designs will also last the test of time when it comes to changing trends and home décor styles.

Make no mistake that these lights may be designed with simplicity, quality, and elegance in mind, but their designs are also stunningly creative and wholly unique.

Hubbardton Forge not only makes table lamps, but also beautiful floor lamps. If you’re looking to create a unified aesthetic in your home, why not pair a stunning Hubbardton Forge table lamp with a beautiful floor lamp? Floor lamps save on space, and can help you get good light in underutilized or unconventional places, such as over a small end table or in a tucked away reading nook. For anyone looking for outdoor lighting solutions for their backyard, deck or patio, Hubbardton Forge floor and table lamps are also perfect for outdoor spaces because of their durability and long-lasting quality. When it’s forged in fire, you know it’s going to last a long, long time! All of Hubbardton Forge’s lamps come with either glass or linen shades – your choice.

29 Oct 2016

Reasons Why People Choose Hudson Valley Pendants

There are lighting companies in the world who love the artistry of lighting and lighting design. They marvel at how different styles of lighting can completely change a room, how something as simple as a light bulb can change a space into something entirely different from what it once was. And there are companies that love the idea of lighting so much that they dedicate themselves to quality, artistic lighting fixtures that not only give spaces the illumination they need, but also elevate the decor at the same time. One such company is Hudson Valley; their pendant lights are a testament to the beauty and artistry of the light fixture.

Hudson Valley’s dedication to lighting started in in its home city of New York, where the combination of glamour and architectural wonder demanded lighting that was equally wondrous. The firm started small, with designer pieces that soon popped up in some of New York’s most desired neighborhoods. Like New York itself, the Hudson Valley pendant lights have a mixture of history and cutting edge, a respect for the past while looking ahead to the future of lighting design.

A Cutting-Edge Look

Part of what makes Hudson Valley pendants so beautiful and desirable is their superior quality in manufacturing. Rather than automating the entire process, Hudson Valley insists that every piece gets a personal touch, oftentimes through hand-rubbed finishes. By adding that human touch to the manufacturing process, each piece is given an individual feel.


Made from the Highest Quality

Quality materials are also synonymous with Hudson Valley, especially when it comes to their pendants. Since pendants tend to be smaller than grand lighting fixtures like chandeliers, quality materials are extremely important to ensure the lights will last. Hudson Valley is dedicated to using the best materials in their manufacturing process, including heavy casting for extra durability. By using heavy casting, they have created a line of light pendants that are both beautiful and built to last.

The final element that makes Hudson Valley pendants so beautiful is quality design. These pieces are created by some of the world’s top lighting designers, people who understand not only the fixtures, but also how light changes a room. Each pendant not only elevates the decor of a space with its classic design, but it also bathes the space in the perfect amount of light for the right atmosphere. It’s this dedication to both aspects of lighting design that makes these pendant lights so special.

Finding quality lighting can be extremely difficult, which is why it’s important to use lighting specialists for your lighting needs. At Crescent Harbor, we have spent years curating lighting fixture lines by manufacturers who are doing something that’s different, and at an extremely high level of quality. If you are in search of some beautiful pendant lights for your home or office, be sure to check out Crescent Harbor’s selection of Hudson Valley pendants. They are sure to elevate the decor of almost any space.

28 Oct 2016

How House of Troy Floor Lamps Can Improvise Your Home Decor

Is your house looking a little boring? It could use some sprucing up, but renovations can be costly, time consuming, and a giant mess. If you don’t have the time and extra funds for a big renovation project, there may be another way to give your house a whole new look—without having to take that sledge hammer to any drywall. Try changing the look of your room with new light fixtures instead. Not into a big wiring project either? No problem! You can add a little glam to your house with House of Troy floor lamps.


Lighting has a big impact on any space. Adding the right amount, tone and angle of lighting can completely change the look of any nook and corner or open space in your room. You can create areas of focus, new lines and angles and you can accent the unique and beautiful features you already have in your home. Do you have a painting that is sure to turn some heads? Maybe you have a chair or a couch that has been reupholstered in the absolute best of fabrics? The right lighting can set them off, and by creating those focal points, you can really change the look and feel of your whole room. In addition to adding the right light to properly accent the space, the right floor lamp can be used to complement or contrast your current décor to create a focal point in your room. You can also use a set of House of Troy floor lamps to unify your décor throughout your home.


Why choose House of Troy?

No matter your lighting needs or your style choice of lamp, House of Troy floor lamps are for you. House of Troy floor lamps incorporate different design elements into the highest quality construction using only the finest materials. Traditionally simple yet gracefully elegant, conservative yet relaxed, House of Troy floor lamps are a showcase for the most sophisticated of tastes.

Whether you like the stylized antique look of the TR201-AB Tripod Collection of House of Troy floor lamps for more open and artistic spaces, or whether you prefer the sleek modern look of the PFLED Portable LED Piano Lamp by House of Troy—it’s perfect for lighting those late night musical scores—Crescent Harbor’s selection of House of Troy lighting has what you need.


For a more traditional, lamp shaded look with a stylish twist, check out the CH800 House of Troy Coach Floor Lamp.  If you like the look but would like a more modern edge, try it in either a brushed silver or an oil-rubbed bronze finish. Alternatively, if you are looking to get even more modern, with a more flexible range of lighting to boot, then check out the PIN400-2 Pinnacle Floor Lamp by House of Troy. With two adjustable halogen swing arms, and available in a satin nickel finish, it can turn the direction of its lighting as quickly as it can turn heads.

If you are looking for lighting options that can give your home a new and exciting look, then look no further than House of Troy floor lamps. We carry a complete selection here at Crescent Harbor.

27 Oct 2016

Three Reasons Why Seagull Lighting Pendants Can Change Your Home

Pendant lighting is one of the most popular kinds of lighting available for one simple reason: it can go almost anywhere. This type of lighting looks great in almost any room in your home or office, from a simple yet elegant pendant in the bathroom to a stunning chandelier in the dining room. The trick is to find a piece that’s perfect for you. Here are a few reasons to look at Seagull Lighting pendants, and why they could completely change to decor and look of your space.

1. Combining the Old and New

Pendant lighting can often come across as overly traditional and overly-ornate. By trying to be too traditional, many inferior pendant lighting designers attempt complicated designs that actually distract rather than add to the overall aesthetic of a room. On the other hand, the most modern-looking designs can often be jarring, using harsh-looking materials and designs that can’t fit in with any existing decor. Seagull Lighting pendants are an excellent space in between, a combination of old and new that makes for stunning pieces.

Seagull Lighting pendants2. Light Where You Want It, When You Need It

Seagull Lighting pendants come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and designs, making them perfect in a wide variety of decor situations. For example, many people love this lighting solution for their bathroom, where they need extra light near the mirror, in a corner, or as a stunning centerpiece. Pendant lights are also an excellent choice in the kitchen and are able to provide lighting in places where the existing lighting may not reach. Similarly, the larger and more intricate Seagull Lighting pendants make a stunning alternative to the traditional chandelier. Since Seagull Lighting pendants come in such a wide variety of styles, you are sure to find one that works for you.

3. Quality, Specialty Designs

Speaking of styles, the many offerings of Seagull Lighting are not only beautiful, they are also quality, hand-made pieces designed by some of the world’s best lighting designers. All of Seagull Lighting pendants start as a simple idea: a desire to make something both beautiful and functional. From there, the piece is designed and created using only the best materials from around the world. By using top-quality materials, these pendants can have the exact look that was intended, but more importantly, they will look that way for years to come. The reason is simple: the best lights are made with strong and beautiful materials so that they will last for years to come.

Pendant lights are an excellent choice for many homes and offices. They are often simple and versatile, showing up in almost any room of a home and office. The trick to finding the perfect pendant light for your space is to look for a combination of high quality, interesting designs, and one that fits perfectly into your decor vision. Seagull Lighting pendants are made with the best materials and designed by some of the world’s top lighting designers, offering you a combination of quality and beauty that you won’t find anywhere else.

01 Sep 2016

The Grace and Grandeur of Minka Lavery Chandeliers

If you are looking for an exquisite lighting fixture that will liven up any room in your home, look no further than Minka Lavery chandeliers. With a wide array of styles and options to choose from, there is a piece that will suit any interior. From traditional to contemporary and everything in between, Minka Lavery is not only well suited to your tastes, but will also meet your budget.

Dining Room Elegance

Perfect for setting a soft ambiance for your dinner guests to enjoy, Minka Lavery chandeliers come in a wide range of sizes, from miniature to grand, suited to fit both traditionally sized dining rooms, as well as those that are a bit larger than life. Medium-sized chandeliers, such as the Minka Lavery 4235-288 Atterbury 5 Light Chandelier, create a beautiful and unique focal point for your traditionally sized dining room. At 28 ½” wide by 26 ¼” high, the smaller size of this chandelier does not compromise on style. With its deep flax bronze finish and Venata de Oro Glass shades, this chandelier exudes opulence at a fraction of the cost that you might expect out of such a masterfully crafted item.

Minka Lavery chandeliers are incredibly versatile. If you love this style, but would like a dramatic center point for your room, the Atterbury collection also comes in larger sizes. The large Atterbury 8 Light Chandelier Minka Lavery 4238-288 Atterbury 8 Light Chandelier comes in at 38” wide by 32 ½” high, guaranteed to stop your guests in their tracks. Fun, yet classy, this chandelier offers elegant illumination that will set a pleasing mood in any dining room.

Go Big or Go Home

If the medium and large sizes available in Minka Lavery chandeliers aren’t exactly what you’ve always dreamed about, why not delve into a world of grandeur with Minka Lavery’s selection of grand chandeliers? Well-suited for an oversized dining room or foyer area, these breathtaking chandeliers do an excellent job of illuminating a large room that needs proper attention, given its size. These show stopping pieces are not designed for subtlety, and will provide awe-inspiring elegance in a larger space.

Atterbury 12 Light Chandelier

The Minka Lavery 4239-288 Atterbury 12 Light Chandelier is the largest size available in the Atterbury chandelier collection, coming in at a dreamy 42” wide by 36 ¾” high. Stop dreaming about those beautiful dining rooms and foyers that you’ve only seen in magazines! You can achieve this look in your own home with Minka Lavery chandeliers. Even if the Atterbury collection doesn’t suit your style, Minka Lavery has a terrific selection of chandeliers in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and styles. The breadth and depth of products offered is truly unmatched, and will fit your budget and tastes well.

If you are interested in further exploring what Minka Lavery Chandeliers has to offer, please visit us at Crescent Harbor online, or contact our lighting store at 1-888-355-9525 today. Compare our prices with other retailers and you will find that we are comparable to big box stores, although we carry many styles similar to those in specialty lighting stores. Our friendly and helpful design professionals are here to help make your lighting dreams a reality. We look forward to getting to know you!

31 Aug 2016

Hudson Valley Sconces Can Shed Some Light On Your Home’s True Character

When someone wants to ask for some clarity or understanding, they will often ask you to shed some light on the subject. This means making something easier to see, helping you to really get the definition of what’s being said. In the same way, when you really want to set the mood that will prevail in your home, the first thing you want to do is shed some light on your surroundings. Your light fixtures do more than one job when it comes to making your home exactly what you want it to be, and the Hudson Valley Sconces offered by Crescent Harbor are top-notch for doing everything that a light fixture should.

Hudson Valley Sconces

What You See Is Important…

The first thing you’ll look at when you choose a Hudson Valley Sconce is, of course, what you will see when you set up your lamp in the room. You’ll look at the materials that it’s made from. You’ll look at the shape and the color of the light fixture, get a sense of the style that it will lend to your home. You’ll choose whether you want one light or several, whether you want a silver or a brass finish. In many ways, choosing a sconce is like choosing an art piece to hang on your wall. It will add color, character and style to your home.

…But What Get Is More Than What You See!

No matter what the lamp looks like, you’ll see its true character when you turn it on and see what kind of light it sheds on your room! Hudson Valley Sconces can provide any atmosphere that you want, from bright and cheerful lighting to a warmer, softer ambiance. The light in a room isn’t something you notice right away but it has a profound effect on everything else that you see. That’s why you want to find the perfect sconce light for your room.

Quality Is Vital

When you do find that perfect Hudson Valley Sconce, you’re going to want it to last for a long time, preferably as long as your house stands. Crescent Harbor is on the same page, and we provide only the best products made from strong, enduring and beautiful materials. Your sconces will be beautifully made, strong enough to withstand the wear and tear of everyday life in your home, and with some easy care and maintenance, will remain as lovely and bright as they day you installed them.

And Finally, Customer Service Is Key

When you purchase your Hudson Valley sconce, we want your online shopping experience to be just as easy and painless as purchasing an item in a brick and mortar store. We are available to answer any questions you might have and provide assistance with every step of the shopping and purchasing process. If something does go wrong, our return policy is reasonable and easy to navigate. You want your home to be beautiful, and we want to help you to shed some light on that beauty!

30 Aug 2016

Beautiful and Contemporary House of Troy Floor Lamps

Simple Elegance

Looking for a floor lamp that is both classic and contemporary? Look no further than the beautiful and high-quality floor lamps made by House of Troy. The House of Troy floor lamps will automatically add a touch of elegance and style to your office, bedroom, dining or living room space.

While many modern lighting companies choose designs that are futuristic, bold and flamboyant to create statement floor lamps, House of Troy combines high-quality materials with simple yet elegant designs to manufacture floor lamps that are understated yet eye-catching, classic yet chic. And, although House of Troy floor lamps may be understated, they are certainly not outdone in terms of style and elegance, durability and quality. Because of their simple elegance and contemporary yet traditional designs, House of Troy floor lamps will never go out of style.

House of Troy floor lampsAffordable

House of Troy uses only the finest of materials to create timeless, high-quality lighting fixtures at affordable prices. Lighting fixtures shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg, yet many companies charge exorbitant prices for indoor and outdoor lamps, prices that the individual or household simply can’t afford. House of Troy does things differently. At Crescent Harbor, our beautiful and elegant selection of House of Troy floor lamps are reasonably priced so our customers don’t have to take out a second mortgage to add a touch of class and sophistication to their homes. If you’re looking for affordable style that is both chic, durable, and economical, look no further than our House of Troy collection.

From Country Comfort to Contemporary Chic

One of the most appealing features of House of Troy floor lamps is how effortlessly they are able to fit into a wide array of home styles and décor situations. If you’re looking to create a look that is both comfortable and a bit country, House of Troy’s Abington Floor lamp will be the perfect addition to your study, bedroom or living room.  Its classic design is reminiscent of simple, quiet living without any of that country kitsch.

If you’re looking for something with a bit more of a modern edge, take a look at House of Troy’s collection of tripod floor lamps. These lamps have a bit of a 60’s vibe, but they don’t overdo the whole retro thing, choosing sleek angles and contemporary materials over loud patterns and bright colors. Perfect for a study or home library, a House of Troy tripod floor lamp will automatically lighten up the room with a look that is both contemporary and classic.

House of Troy floor lamps are the perfect addition to a variety of home decors because their simple and quality designs will ensure that they won’t go out of style (or out of service!) anytime soon. As any home designer knows, choosing simple and classic lighting fixtures is a simple way to make your home appear comfortable and sophisticated. House of Troy floor lamps are timeless lighting fixtures, which means that they will withstand the fast-changing and fickle trends of home fashion, saving you time, money, and a whole lot of the effort you would have to put into redecorating every few years. Choose classic and elegant style with a House of Troy floor lamp from Crescent Harbor.

29 Aug 2016

Norwell Lighting: The Perfect Blend of Modern Technology with Old-world Charm

If you are searching for a lighting fixture that will stand the test of time, look no further than Norwell Lighting and Accessories. Norwell Lighting upholds the highest of standards in quality lighting because they have founded their reputation on the use of solid brass in all of their designs. Continuing with this tradition today, Norwell never ceases to impress with the perfect mixture of durability and beauty woven into each of their designs.

Norwell Lighting

A Name You Can Trust

Norwell Lighting and Accessories has produced high quality, solid brass lighting fixtures for over 75 years, for both indoor and outdoor use. As a trusted name in both the residential lighting industry, as well as the commercial lighting industry, Norwell has a wide range of products, designed to meet your every need. You can rest assured that when you purchase a product by Norwell Lighting here at Crescent Harbor, every item has been hand-crafted with pride as well as with an unparalleled attention to detail.

European Influence

Many of Norwell’s lanterns employ the European castings techniques, which are traditionally the most beautiful and durable form of brass manufacturing, allowing your lighting fixture to stand up against nature’s elements, no matter the season! Norwell Lighting offers a wide selection of outdoor fixtures including both wall mounts and post mounts, all designed to meet your needs.

Norwell Outdoor Wall Mount Fixtures

Withstanding even the harshest of elements, Norwell’s wall mount lighting fixtures will never let you down. No matter where you live, the fixtures designed by Norwell Lighting will remain beautiful and timeless pieces, whether dealing with the ice and snow of a cold winter, or the sea salt spray coming off of the ocean. With lighting such as the Norwell Seafarer Outdoor Fixture, you can customize each piece down to your exact specifications, even when it comes to color! There are five color options to choose from: bronze, bronzed chrome, polished brass, Verde, or clear. You can easily transform this piece, in order to coordinate the final product with a polished, classic look, or even a trendy bohemian vibe. The sky is the limit!

Norwell Outdoor Post Mount Fixtures

Are wall mount fixtures not really your style? We are also able to supply many of our wall mount designs as post mount light fixtures instead. Norwell Lighting offers post mount fixtures in many of the same color options as the wall mount designs, including bronze, bronzed chrome, polished brass, Verde, or clear. Originally designed to protect oil and flame, this modern take on the classic nautical lantern design is a conversation starter and a bold statement piece for your home. With the inclusion of a 100W Edison bulb, it is the perfect blend of old-world charm, combined with a modern, industrial look.

So whether you are looking to renovate your home, increase your curb appeal, or are just gathering ideas, Norwell has you covered. Interested in seeing more of what Norwell Lighting and Accessories has to offer? Please visit us at Crescent Harbor online or contact the shop, at 1-888-355-9525, today!

01 Aug 2016

Buy from Lighting Stores Online to Spruce Up Your Home

Sometimes the easiest way to spruce up the look of your home is to experiment with different styles of lighting fixtures. It’s more affordable than doing something drastic such as changing your bathroom tiles or kitchen flooring. Buying products from online lighting stores is also quick and easy to update your home.

But before you start shopping online at lighting stores you should decide on a theme. Think about whether you want a traditional look or whether you would rather have a sleeker contemporary look.  Or you can even go with a modern and antiquated theme. Next, consider what type of lighting you should go with.

Lighting StoresOnline Lighting Stores – Lighting Options

Before you begin shopping, think about what style of lighting you want. Most online lighting stores have a wide selection of lighting product for every room in the house, including:

•  Chandeliers

•  Ceiling fixtures

•  Pendants

•  Floor lamps

•  Table lamps

•  Foyer and Hall

•  Bath lighting

•  Sconces

And don’t forget about outdoor lighting. How about an energy saving LED or transitional hanging lights so you can enjoy the back yard when the sun goes down?

Benefits of Shopping at Online Lighting Stores

You can save yourself tons of time by shopping online at lighting stores like Crescent Harbor. You don’t have to take the time to load up the kids to drive around to a number of stores to find what you’re looking for. You can sit outside in the sun on your tablet, or even your phone. Then all you have to do is scroll through the lighting store’s selection, choose which products you want, proceed to checkout, order your designer lighting, and get it delivered to your door. If you have any questions. all you have to do is send a message to their customer service department.

Most online lighting stores have a customer service agent available to answer questions via a live chat screen.

Since online lighting stores like Crescent Harbor don’t have the overhead costs of staffing a warehouse and showroom you as the consumer reaps the benefits. When you shop online, you can purchase designer products inexpensively.

Designer Lighting Available on Lighting Store Websites

You can find and purchase name brands, such as the following, at affordable prices:

•  Sonneman Lighting

•  Hubbardton Forge

•  Troy Lighting

•  H.A Framburg

•  Hudson Valley Lighting

•  Murray Feiss

•  Norwell Lighting

Tips for Buying Lights from Online Lighting Stores

Before you choose an online lighting store, take a look at their website and ask yourself the following question:

•  Do they have a large selection, good reputation, and is it easy to deal with customer service department?

•  What is their return policy?

•  Do they make it easy or almost impossible to return items?

•  Do they offer free shipping when you order a set amount?

•  Is it easy to ask questions about products before buying?

At Crescent Harbor, we take pride in offering our consumers beautiful products on our online lighting store.  To see our wide selection of designer lighting pieces, you can check them out on our website.

31 Jul 2016