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Hubbardton Forge Sconces – Bring a Modern touch to Your Interiors

Some light fixtures not only brighten up the home in the most modern and elegant of ways, but their designs can also take us on a mental trip back into our history. Sconces are the kind of modern lighting sources that remind the home decorator of tradition. Before electricity, people used sconces as place holders for the candles, or as gas torches that they carried with them. Hubbardton Forge sconces are light fixtures that are attached to the wall, serving both as a wall decoration and a source of light. The word sconce now brings a sense of something historical, or antique, no matter how modern your choice of light fixtures.

Historical meets modern with beauty

Today’s modern sconces are similar to the traditional wall sconce, but they are so much better. Sconces make a very sophisticated choice to tie the room together, or to make the decorating project come together. In the past, a wall sconce just meant light you didn’t have to carry, but today, a sconce says the same. A sconce says not only that light is important, but also that this home is important, and not just any light will do. Hubbardton Forge sconces are matching light fixtures that are flexible and tie in with the other lighting features of the home. They make pendant lights, floor lamps, accent lights, and wall sconces to give your home the look you want.Hubbardton Forge Sconces

Sconces are flexible

Hubbardton Forge sconces are flexible, and that is useful because a sconce can give a space an interesting look. In order to give an even light and design in a large space, put the sconces about three quarters up the wall and then balance them by putting them the same measured distance from each other as they are to the floor. One of the great things about sconces is that they can point their light in any direction. Turn the shade up or down to point the light in any direction.

Sconces show individual tastes and style

A sconce can be the perfect addition to the room or the area where they are installed because they can blend in so well to the decorated space. They not only look like the rest of the light fixtures in the set and group, but they can also look like the decorating project itself. Take some of these beautiful choices of Hubbardton Forge sconces. Some look like torches in their holders, like the Hubbardton Forge Brindle LED Sconce. Another, the Hubbardton Forge Tapered Angle sconce, glows warmly like a merry campfire. But Hubbardton Forge has many sconces that take us out of history and into the future; for example, the Sphere sconce, the Cosmos Sconce, and (unlike anything you have ever seen before) the Celesse Sconce.

Hubbardton Forge Sconces are made out of fine materials, like glass, wrought iron, gold, and mahogany wood, and they can really make a statement in elegance and sophistication. They can be relaxing conversation pieces, but more often, they are accent pieces that are so lovely that people admire them as a part of the whole room, knowing that they are reason the room is so striking.

01 Jun 2017

Elevate Your Decor with Troy Wall Sconces

The humble wall sconce was once thought of a one-trick pony : a beautiful but largely ornamental lighting piece that was more for show than actual lighting. But while the elegance and beauty of the wall sconce has not changed, today’s home decor experts are starting to realize that the wall sconce is a versatile piece of lighting. Here are just a few ways that modern homeowners are using Troy lighting sconces to elevate their decor and achieve a unique, signature look in their homes.

1.  The Bathroom

When it comes to lighting fixtures, Troy lighting sconces are the perfect blend of function and fashion. And in a contemporary bathroom, where space can be limited but style and good lighting are absolute musts, the wall sconce is the perfect solution. Not only can beautiful wall sconces be placed almost anywhere in your bathroom, but they can also elevate decor while ensuring you get the light you need right where you need it.

2.  Hallways

Hallway lighting usually comes in two forms : a modest chandelier or nothing at all. Troy lighting sconces provide a viable, fashionable third option. When you use wall sconces for hallway lighting, you can turn these spaces into much more than walkthrough. A narrow table with a wall sconce above, for example, can be a place to keep things you may need as you head out the door, like lunches, keys, and reminder notes. You can also create a flow and consistency throughout your home by using multiple sconces of the same design through an entire hallway. The consistency allows you to keep a similar decor palette throughout your home while getting the light you need in places that are usually lacking in light.

Troy Lighting Sconces3.  Living Rooms

As many people know : living rooms of homes built in the seventies and eighties are often lacking in light fixtures. The reasoning may actually have something to do with the advent of the television set, but the consequence is clear: living rooms need light. Wall sconces can provide the perfect solution, shedding light into a normally dark room. With Troy lighting sconces, your living room can be used for much longer, and for more things, than simply watching TV. With the right lighting, it can be a place to relax, to host guests, or to simply curl up with a good book after a long day.

4.  Kitchens

Under cabinet lighting has become a major craze in the past few years because they provide a beautiful visual aesthetic while providing light for cooking and prepping food. And while that option works for many kitchens, kitchens with less consistent cabinetry may need wall sconces instead. Troy lighting sconces are the perfect solution: providing elegant lighting that can also help you see everything necessary while working in the kitchen.

Troy lighting sconces from Crescent Harbor are beautiful, versatile pieces that can elevate the decor of almost any room in your home. If you are looking for a unique lighting solution for your home, be sure to check out the wide variety available exclusively through Crescent Harbor.

31 May 2017

How to Highlight Your Home with Minka Lavery pendants

Over the past few years, recessed lighting has become a more and more popular feature in homes. Recessed lights are installed so that the bulb sits above or flush with the ceiling line, as opposed to pendant lights, which hang below the ceiling line and often feature a decorative shade of some kind. Although recessed lights can be a good solution for adding extra ambient light to a home, they aren’t necessarily a replacement for pendant lights. A pendant light from a quality company, like Minka Lavery pendants, can add so much more than just light to your home. Here are a few reasons to consider pendant lights in your home.

Spotlighting Your Home

While recessed lighting can fill a room with evenly distributed light, pendant lights allow you to shine a spotlight on the best parts of your home and set the mood in a room. Whether you want to highlight a beautiful piece of furniture or art, or add a little extra glow over a dining area, a Minka Lavery pendant light can illuminate the best parts of your home.

Of course, the way the light is distributed depends on the shape and shade of the fixture. Check out our selection of Minka Lavery pendants or sconces to light up a mirror, multi-bulb fixtures to diffuse light in large areas, and many more options.

Part of the Decor

A pendant light does more than brighten up a room; it also makes a decorative statement—something recessed lighting simply can’t do. While recessed lighting is entirely utilitarian, Minka Lavery pendant lights add beauty, style, and personality to a room. A well chosen pendant light looks just as good when it’s off! Whether your look is modern and sleek or classically sophisticated, Minka Lavery has a style that will fit your home and add a splash of style.

Minka Lavery PendantsYou Don’t Have to Choose

If you’re still attached to the idea of recessed lighting, the good news is that you don’t actually have to choose between recessed and pendant lights. You can have both in the same room. Many people do, and it looks great! You can install recessed lighting in areas that need general brightening up, while still incorporating a Minka Lavery pendant light to highlight certain parts of the room and express your personal style. Because recessed lighting is designed to be fairly inconspicuous, you should be able to incorporate the two seamlessly without it looking cluttered or mismatched.

Once you have your recessed lighting installed in a way that’s functional and brightens up your home, the real fun begins: you can start shopping for a beautiful Minka Lavery pendant light to finish off your lighting design with style. Here at Crescent Harbor ( ), we have many styles of pendant lights to choose from, including a range of looks from Minka Lavery that span from classic to modern, and from understated to major statement. If you are ready to add that finishing touch to your home, check out our selection today.

02 May 2017

House of Troy Floor Lamps Make All the Difference

Lighting is such a key part of any home. It sets the tone and can make a room feel warm and welcoming, or moody and romantic. Sometimes, though, ceiling lighting can cause problems. If you don’t like the way a fixture looks or if it’s not functioning the way it should, it can be clumsy to make changes. This is why you might want to consider introducing some floor lamps into your home. They offer style and flexibility, and House of Troy floor lamps look just as good as ceiling lights. House of Troy has a number of styles that will convince you to make floor lamps a focal point in your home.


Although ceiling lights can provide a room with an incredible amount of light, problems start when you want to rearrange your furniture. Suddenly, your ceiling light is highlighting the wrong furniture, or you’re dealing with glare on your television screen. House of Troy floor lamps are perfect for lighting hard-to-reach spots, and they give you the option of moving them around until you find the perfect location. Bored of your living room setup and want to move things around? No problem! A floor lamp will make the shuffle a smooth operation, and with the strong, sturdy construction of House of Troy floor lamps, you can move them around without worry.


Let’s face it: nobody likes installing a new ceiling light. Sure, sometimes you can simply swap out the pendants and it’s a smooth procedure, but often you’re dealing with ladders in tight spaces, or discolored patches of ceiling left visible with the new light that require you to paint. Other times, a different size or shape of light requires you to move the entire fixture, leaving you with one hole to patch in the ceiling, and requiring you to drill another.House of Troy Floor Lamps

Floor lamps are the most convenient solution when new lighting is in order. A floor lamp can be put absolutely anywhere in a room, and installation is as simple as setting it down. House of Troy floor lamps offer a variety of styles, shapes and sizes, so there is bound to be something that is already a perfect fit for your room.


A ceiling light is visible from every part of the room and, because they’re not usually changed often, they have a feeling of permanence. For this reason, it can be tempting to play it safe with your ceiling lights, even if it means passing up a bold statement or a fun style you’ve had your eye on. A House of Troy floor lamp, on the other hand, doesn’t feel quite like a major style commitment in the same way that a ceiling light does, so you have more opportunity to experiment and have a little fun. A ceiling lamp is a great way to add a little color, whimsy, or boldness to your space. House of Troy has a number of styles that can make a statement in a way that complements your space.

If you’re ready to start shopping for floor lamps, check out the selection of House of Troy floor lamps here at Crescent Harbor. We’re always happy to give you advice and help you pick out the perfect piece to perk up your home.

01 May 2017

Why People Love Hudson Valley Sconces

The simple wall sconce is an often-overlooked piece of home decor, one that often doesn’t get the credit it deserves. While they don’t command the space of something larger, like a chandelier, they often perform an important role in a space’s look and aesthetic. With the right collection of sconces, you can elevate a space’s decor and tie an overall aesthetic together; all it takes is the right piece. Hudson Valley sconces may just be the perfect decor solution for your home and office. Here are a few reasons why many people turn to Hudson Valley for their lighting needs.

1.  Style

Scones, above almost everything else, need to look the part. They need to balance their delicate sizing with the right style, something that is at once dynamic and an instant classic. Hudson Valley sconces are made by expert designers, professionals who understand fashion trends for homes and offices and create pieces that will stand the test of time.

With a Hudson Valley sconce, you will have a lighting piece that can tie an entire room’s aesthetic together, or act as a beautiful accent piece. All while providing the right kind of lighting to make the right impression. They are each a stylish addition to almost any look and are sure to command attention.

2.  Affordability

While Hudson Valley sconces are designed by home fashion experts and crafted with quality materials, they are also incredibly affordable. Unlike other lighting solutions, which can quickly rise in price depending on the piece, Hudson Valley is committed to offering style and affordability with all of their products.Hudson Valley Sconces

3.  Easy to Install

While style and price are major concerns when it comes to lighting, the installation process is also important. After all, when a light is difficult to install, it requires experts, and experts cost money. Thankfully, all Hudson Valley sconces are designed for easy installation, and the process if often little more than “plug in and enjoy.” Getting a whole new look for a space has never been easier than with easy-to-install sconces from Hudson Valley.

4.  Quality-Made Products

While some fashions and styles run their course, Hudson Valley sconces have a lasting appeal. And lasting appeal means that these pieces need to stand the test of time in more ways than one. Every Hudson Valley sconce is made with high-quality materials by talented lighting experts, meaning their classic stylings are also durable and well-made. Unlike many other delicate sconces on the market, Hudson Valley’s lighting will last so you can have the look you want for years to come.

When it comes to elegant, durable, and stylish lighting solutions for the home or office, there are plenty of options available. From grand chandeliers to hidden pot lights, homeowners and office managers can find something that works for their space, but none match the combination of affordability and style found in Hudson Valley sconces. At once elegant and attention-grabbing, they can help tie a room’s decor together, all while providing the light you need.

29 Apr 2017

The Lamp for You : Hubbardton Forge Table Lamps

Table lamps are a decorating necessity that have been overlooked far too often.  While emphasis has been given to accessories and ceiling lighting, the necessary touch of a table lamp has been forgotten.  These days, new and modern looks emphasize minimalism and simplicity.  The old-fashioned idea of a fabric shaded table lamp often isn’t a pleasant one.  What most do not realize, however, is that Hubbardton Forge table lamps are some of the most artistic and modern looking table lamps available on today’s market.

Decorative Looks

A table lamp can be a very functional decorative accessory.  It ties together an end table with a usable piece of art, emphasizing the decor in the room.  Hubbardton Forge has created some extremely modern table lamps that can not only be used as decoration, but also the centerpiece of the room.  From sleek lines to unconventional shapes, the selection of lamps is only limited by your personal style and taste.  When choosing a Hubbardton Forge table lamp, look for a lamp that enhances the design and theme of your room.  Matching colors can be accented by the colors in your lamp. The style of the lamp itself can be as decorative as your other room accessories.  It is also important to note that lamps come in a wide range of styles.  From traditional lamp shades to modern glass covers, the styles of table lamps are almost endless.

Hubbardton Forge Table LampsSoft On-Demand Lighting

The lighting provided from a table lamp is unique to its use.  A ceiling light is designed to light up a room, a table lamp is designed to light a small specified area.  This is useful in a countless number of ways.  This type of lighting is used when a person wishes to only illuminate the area they are in.  This provides soft, comfortable light for a chair area for reading.  This type of lighting is also essential for somebody who wishes to use a light beside their bed without waking a room. As table lamps use less energy, they also result in lower power bills.  Many people have found them essential for lighting a room while they are away on extended holidays or vacations.  Some well-designed rooms have used the unique lighting from lamps to light an entire room in series.  Using multiple well placed Hubbardton Forge table lamps provides a soft light with romantic undertones—great for restaurants and large rooms that need to maintain a quiet feel.

When it comes to table lamps, Hubbardton Forge has the edge on design and style.  Their unique way of combining function with decoration has resulted in lighting accessories that are the finishing touch to a well decorated room.  From traditional to modern, there is a style of lamp to match the room you are shopping for. If you like to stand apart from a crowd, let us show you how.  At Crescent Harbor, we are proud of our selection of Hubbardton Forge table lamps. We never get tired of experiencing how amazed people are when they see the large selection of lamps we offer.  If you are looking for alternative lighting methods, allow us to show you the magic of Hubbardton Forge and what one of their table lamps can do for your room.

28 Apr 2017

Hubbardton Forge Table Lamps Make All the Difference

Simple Elegance

Hubbardton Forge manufactures the highest quality of chandeliers, floor lamps, wall sconces and table lamps. If you`re looking for lighting fixtures that combine beauty with elegance, Hubbardton Forge table lamps are the ones for you.

Table lamps are a great way to light up a room. Whether you`re looking for something in your living room or a bedside table lamp to read by at night, Hubbardton Forge`s wrought iron table lamps will make a beautiful statement in your home. Many of the Hubbardton Forge table lamps feature unique and beautiful designs, such as swirling, wrought iron leaves and scrolls. If you`re looking for something a bit simpler, Hubbardton Forge also offers very sleek and straightforward table lamps.

Throw Some Shade

One of the most attractive features of a Hubbardton Forge table lamp is its ideal blend of innovative design with simple elegance. Hubbardton Forge lighting fixtures will complement your home, adding a look and feel of elegance and beauty in any room you choose. While all of Hubbardton Forge table lamps are designed with simplicity and elegance in mind, there are many different designs to choose from. Whatever you’re looking for in a table lamp, Hubbardton Forge has one for you.

Hubbardton Forge Table LampsAll of Hubbardton Forge table lamps come with beautiful shades, made from either fabric or glass. These lamps will make a brilliant statement in your home and will illuminate your life. Hubbardton Forge also makes lighting fixtures that are durable and crafted to the highest standards of quality. These lamps will keep their light bright throughout the years; they are built to withstand the wear and tear of everyday use. If you’re looking for a table lamp that is beautiful and durable, take a look at Hubbardton Forge’s large selection of lighting designs.

Beauty that Won’t Fade

Home décor trends are constantly changing, but who has the time, money, and energy to constantly redecorate and refurbish our homes to keep up with the latest styles and trends?

Hubbardton Forge designs lighting fixtures that won’t go out of style, but will withstand changing trends. Hubbardton Forge table lamps, chandeliers, and sconces are also affordably priced, so you don’t have to go broke lighting your home in style.

Lighting is one of the most important elements of home décor. Poor lighting can make a space appear smaller, dim and cramped – unwelcoming, even. If you want to light up your space, choose a Hubbardton Forge table lamp for a look that is timeless, elegant, and eye-catching. From modern and funky designs to more traditional table lamps, Hubbardton Forge offers something for everyone. Hubbardton forge lamps come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials, so you can find the perfect lamp for your home or office. Many of Hubbardton Forge’s table lamps also come with LED bulbs, so you can save on energy costs while lighting your home.

Take a look at our large collection of Hubbardton Forge table lamps, and let us know if you have any questions. We are committed to finding the right lighting for your home!

07 Apr 2017

Why Choose Seagull Lighting Pendants for Your Home Décor

How it all began

The unique history of lighting doesn’t begin with fixtures like Seagull Lighting pendants. Since the invention of the first functioning light bulb in 1879, lighting has played a vital role in our daily living.  Our use of lighting is so second nature that many of us now take for granted what was a revolutionary invention only decades earlier.  Since the invention of the bulb, our use of lighting, along with the types of lighting we use, has evolved as fast as our lifestyles.  After the lightbulb went into production in 1890, tungsten filament was invented, making the bulb more efficient.  In the 1920s, frosted light bulbs were invented, along with adjustable bulbs for vehicles. Neon lighting was also invented that year.  In the 1930s, the fluorescent tanning lamp as well as single use flash bulbs came to be. The 1940s brought the invention of soft light incandescent light bulbs, adding a new measure of comfort to your lighting and decor.  During the 1950s, halogen light bulbs were introduced and produced for the public. It wasn’t until the 1990s that compact fluorescent light bulbs were produced. These bulbs were well known for their energy efficiency and were widely accepted and used.  They were the main source of lighting in many households until the 2000s, when LED were perfected and started to dominate the lighting market.Seagull Lighting Pendants

These changes came out of both necessity and a need for the ever-changing appliances they were being used for.  Incandescent bulbs were discontinued under government order as more efficient methods of emitting light were invented.  An incandescent bulb will last about 750 hours and will cost approximately $8 each per year to operate. Multiply this cost over the number of bulbs in your home and you will see this is a significantly large number.  Today’s modern bulbs will last approximately 10,000 hours and will cost about $1.00 per year to operate. It’s also important to note that a 60 watt incandescent bulb is only approximately a 10 watt bulb for LED. There are substantial savings on your power bill when using LED bulbs for fixtures like Seagull Lighting pendants instead of incandescent bulbs.

Bulbs are only part of the entire lighting package. Of course, no bulb is complete without a fixture to attach it to.  The lighting should be part of the room design. The size of your room, the natural lighting of the room, and the location of your light will all determine the best type of fixture for your room. The style of your room will indicate the best design. Seagull Lighting pendant lights are a style of lighting that is very functional due to its versatility.  These lights can be hung as a set for larger rooms or as single fixture for smaller areas. Pendant lights themselves come in a wide variety of styles and colors, making them ideal for almost any situation.

Seagull Lighting pendants are a great example of this type of style.  They have the versatility to match a room as well as the unique fixtures to become the room’s centerpiece. Whether you want your lighting to stand out or to blend flawlessly into the background, Seagull Lighting pendants will carry a design that you are looking for.  When you are ready to update or create your room’s style, don’t just consider the type of bulb; consider the fixture you will be putting it into, too.

06 Apr 2017

Head-Turning Quality : Minka Lavery Pendants

The furnishings in your house are almost like clothing for your home’s interior. The decor that your home “wears” defines its style and personality. And if you look at it that way, you might agree that the lighting fixtures in your home are a little like the jewelry of an outfit—a relatively small detail that packs a major punch. Much like a necklace or ring, a pendant light is the perfect finishing touch to add a little polish and shine to your home. Of course, when it comes to jewelry, quality is important—genuine precious metals and high grade stones add a much nicer, classier touch than cheap knock-offs. Pendant lights are the same way. The quality of the materials makes all the difference and will add a level of sophistication to your home. If you’re looking for a pendant light that features timeless, high quality materials, you might want to consider a Minka Lavery pendant light. Here are a few reasons why :

A Wide Variety

No two homes are the same, just like no two people have the same sense of fashion. Variety is important when looking for items for your home—you want to be able to find pieces that are just the right fit for you. Fortunately, at Crescent Harbor, we carry a large variety of Minka Lavery pendants. We have pendants of all sizes available, from small and delicate to large pieces that are designed to fill up grand spaces. They also provide styles in a variety of materials that speak to almost every taste. From wrought iron and brass to wood and resin, varying levels of texture and shine ensure that you will find a piece that speaks to you.

Despite all the variety Minka Lavery pendants provide, every style is meticulously crafted to ensure that quality remains consistently high.

Minka Lavery PendantsFrom Bold to Understated

Though Minka Lavery pendants tend a little toward the classic, eschewing over-the-top trends, they still offer a full spectrum of boldness, from understated to hard-to-miss. That’s the benefit of high quality materials—the quality itself is a statement, and bold details have a certain elegance (rather than appearing tacky or gaudy).

We also carry a number of more understated Minka Lavery pendants for those who don’t prefer a bold statement. Understated certainly doesn’t mean dull, though—these subtler looks still contain the sophisticated details and high-end fabrication that can elevate any space.

A Timeless Look

The Minka Lavery brand’s dedication to quality means that, above all, their pendant lights are absolutely timeless. These are styles that will enhance your home for years to come with their sophisticated materials, polished finishes, and flawless construction. Just like a high-quality piece of jewellery, a Minka Lavery pendant will add that extra something special to your home, enhancing it without distracting from the other elements of your decor.

If you’re looking to accessorize your home with style, sophistication, and, most importantly, quality, Minka Lavery pendants are a great place to start. Here at Crescent Harbor, we have a great selection to get you started.

05 Apr 2017

Above Fashion : The Modern Fan Company

Ceiling fans are a classic fixture that function as a mild and environmentally conscious form of climate control. Many ceiling fans also provide overhead lighting, which illuminates a room more fully than other forms of lighting can. But the Modern Fan Company knows that being functional is not enough—if you are looking to decorate your home in a way that will provide lasting beauty and elegance, you will want a ceiling fan that fits your design sensibility.

The Beauty of Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans, such as those offered by the Modern Fan Company, are low-energy ways to control the temperature in your room, regardless of the season. In the summer, ceiling fans blow air downward, helping to cool people by drying perspiration so our natural cooling mechanism works better. In the winter, fans can suck air upward by spinning their blades in the opposite direction. Since hot air rises at the top of the room, the fans end up pulling the colder air from below, forcing the hot air to recirculate. This mechanism helps keeps room feeling warm.

In either season, the fan uses very little energy to help moderate a room’s temperature, unlike an air conditioning system. A beautiful, modern ceiling fan can help you save on energy costs and reduce your environmental footprint. However, since ceiling fans originated in the late 1800s, many designs are very old fashioned, which can clash with a modern-looking room. If you’re looking for designs that look timeless and fit with your modern home, look no further than the Modern Fan Company.

A History of Modern Fans

The Modern Fan Company originated in 1986 with designer Ron Rezak’s revolutionary “Stratos” ceiling fan. Rezak’s designs embraced the idea that a once old-fashioned fixture could in fact be beautiful in the modern world. In fact, the Modern Fan Company was the first company to realize the possibility of modern-looking ceiling fans, and the many imitators who have followed have yet to surpass Rezak’s original vision.

Modern Fan CompanySeveral other internationally recognized designers, such as Guto Indio Da Costa, Jorge Pensi, and Dave Ellis, have contributed their unique designs to the Modern Fan Company’s catalogue over the last three decades, helping to broaden the Company’s international appeal. However, even with these new designs, the core philosophy behind the Company’s style has remained.

Think Space, Not Time

The Modern Fan Company produces works with a strong, abstract geometrical structure. The purity and minimalism that result still look fresh and original over three decades later. Because their designs draw on spatial principles instead of current fashions, the Modern Fan Company produces works with a timeless appeal that will still look natural in your home in another thirty years.

Furthermore, since the Modern Fan Company insists on using high-quality, durable materials and fine technical specifications, their fans are likely to last as long as they look good. In fact, the Modern Fan Company frequently updates the quality of the motors inside its designs without changing the timeless designs themselves.

Centering the Room

Novice designers learn to consider the centerpiece of their room . . . on the floor. However, a ceiling fan can help bring a room together from above. If you are interested in examining the unique style of Modern Fan Company ceiling fans, consider how their designs might look in your living room.

04 Apr 2017