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Norwell Lighting: The Perfect Blend of Modern Technology with Old-world Charm

If you are searching for a lighting fixture that will stand the test of time, look no further than Norwell Lighting and Accessories. Norwell Lighting upholds the highest of standards in quality lighting because they have founded their reputation on the use of solid brass in all of their designs. Continuing with this tradition today, Norwell never ceases to impress with the perfect mixture of durability and beauty woven into each of their designs.

Norwell Lighting

A Name You Can Trust

Norwell Lighting and Accessories has produced high quality, solid brass lighting fixtures for over 75 years, for both indoor and outdoor use. As a trusted name in both the residential lighting industry, as well as the commercial lighting industry, Norwell has a wide range of products, designed to meet your every need. You can rest assured that when you purchase a product by Norwell Lighting here at Crescent Harbor, every item has been hand-crafted with pride as well as with an unparalleled attention to detail.

European Influence

Many of Norwell’s lanterns employ the European castings techniques, which are traditionally the most beautiful and durable form of brass manufacturing, allowing your lighting fixture to stand up against nature’s elements, no matter the season! Norwell Lighting offers a wide selection of outdoor fixtures including both wall mounts and post mounts, all designed to meet your needs.

Norwell Outdoor Wall Mount Fixtures

Withstanding even the harshest of elements, Norwell’s wall mount lighting fixtures will never let you down. No matter where you live, the fixtures designed by Norwell Lighting will remain beautiful and timeless pieces, whether dealing with the ice and snow of a cold winter, or the sea salt spray coming off of the ocean. With lighting such as the Norwell Seafarer Outdoor Fixture, you can customize each piece down to your exact specifications, even when it comes to color! There are five color options to choose from: bronze, bronzed chrome, polished brass, Verde, or clear. You can easily transform this piece, in order to coordinate the final product with a polished, classic look, or even a trendy bohemian vibe. The sky is the limit!

Norwell Outdoor Post Mount Fixtures

Are wall mount fixtures not really your style? We are also able to supply many of our wall mount designs as post mount light fixtures instead. Norwell Lighting offers post mount fixtures in many of the same color options as the wall mount designs, including bronze, bronzed chrome, polished brass, Verde, or clear. Originally designed to protect oil and flame, this modern take on the classic nautical lantern design is a conversation starter and a bold statement piece for your home. With the inclusion of a 100W Edison bulb, it is the perfect blend of old-world charm, combined with a modern, industrial look.

So whether you are looking to renovate your home, increase your curb appeal, or are just gathering ideas, Norwell has you covered. Interested in seeing more of what Norwell Lighting and Accessories has to offer? Please visit us at Crescent Harbor online or contact the shop, at 1-888-355-9525, today!

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