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How Nautical Outdoor Lighting Can Improve the Beauty of Your Home

Are you looking to install some new light fixtures to renovate the ambiance of your home? Have you thought about going with a theme among your light fixtures? It’s not something you hear about very often—choosing a theme for your light fixtures. It isn’t pushed quite as much as choosing a color theme for your paint or a theme for the art you display, but light fixtures play an important role in your home—and if you select the right ones, the fixtures can operate as art pieces in and of themselves. As such, you should have some kind of theme tying them all together, and right now, nautical is the way to go—just remember to select some nautical outdoor lighting as well to complete your home’s look and design.


Why is nautical the aesthetic answer?

There are a lot of reasons to go with nautical indoor and nautical outdoor lighting fixtures for your home’s design. First, they have a good aesthetic that works with a lot of different styles. If your home has more of a rustic style with lots of repurposed wood and exposed beams—the cottage aesthetic—then the aesthetic of nautical light fixtures is perfect. The adapted lantern style in a brushed bronze or copper says homey comfort and rustic charm. On the other hand, though, if you are looking for a fixture to go with a more modern or contemporary style, then the clean lines of indoor and nautical outdoor lighting in a brushed silver or nickel finish, complete with exposed bulbs, are going to provide just the right mix of complement and contrast to make your entire home’s design really pop.

Of course, nautical light fixtures are designed with more than aesthetic alone in mind.

Nautical indoor and nautical outdoor lighting are timeless pieces, and as such, they have an interesting ability to pull all of the affect of their history and tradition into the contemporary world in a clean and chic way. In other words, by displaying nautical outdoor lighting on the exterior of your home, or nautical interior lighting inside, you can capture the essence of an important history without overwhelming your guests with it.

And it’s an applicable historical tradition at that.

Nautical lights go back centuries, well past the 1830s, when the US passed an act that would require steamboats to carry one or more signal lights. From then on, the importance of nautical lights would continue to increase. Eventually, different colored nautical lights were incorporated into a communications channel among seafarers. You could indicate direction, distress, and even movement with nautical lights. And, of course, the most important nautical lights of all were lighthouses, which were designed to act as both a warning and a beacon to sailors. What better history to incorporate into your home’s design? By putting up nautical outdoor lighting by your front door, you can signal to loved ones and guests, creating a beacon with which you can bring them all home—nothing says charm more than that.

If you are looking to add a unique style and aesthetic to your home, try incorporating our collection of nautical indoor and outdoor lighting. It’ll improve the beauty of your home by incorporating both a stylish, clean aesthetic and all the charm of centuries of tradition.

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