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Monte Carlo Ceiling Fans are Great in Every Room

Monte Carlo…what do you think of when you hear that name? Glamor, romance, energy, and chic? Monaco, casinos, fast cars, airplanes? Excitement? Do you see ceiling fans when you think of Monte Carlo? There are three very important reasons to make a ceiling fan a part of your home design plans — lowered energy costs, functional beauty, and ambience. Monte Carlo ceiling fans provide all three.

Monte Carlo ceiling fans

Lowered energy costs

Ceiling fans do cool off a room, very inexpensively. They only use the same energy as a 100 watt lightbulb. They provide a nice breeze, moving the air around to the benefit of the bill payer in both summer and winter. In the heat of the summer, they provide a cooling breeze to help circulate the air so that it doesn’t feel too stale and stuffy. In the winter, the ceiling fan can run clockwise to push the warm air down from the ceiling without creating a draft so the warm air is not just rising and collecting above the heads of the people in the room. Monte Carlo ceiling fans are inexpensive and easy to install as well, so consider putting one in every room.


Ceiling fans usually affix in the place where an existing light already is, or in a place where a light was or where one should be. One concern may be that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice lighting for temperature control. Many Monte Carlo ceiling fans have light fixtures as a part of the fan itself, so they are lighting, style, affordability, and ambience all in one package.


The main reason that people want a ceiling fan is for the style they bring to the room. Ceiling fans are so versatile that having one in each room makes it one of the easiest ways to change the personality of the room with the accessories. A Monte Carlo ceiling fan, like those at Crescent Harbor, bring old world style into the future with fans that are beautiful and functional, as well as quiet and engineered for exceptional performance. Blades are available in a number of finishes, and light and different size options make the Monte Carlo fan company a great choice.

Monte Carlo ceiling fans appeal to all types of people and styles. For the speed lover, there is the Monte Carlo Titanium Mach One fan. It looks like it moves as fast as the name implies. With three shiny titanium blades and a glowing white halogen light in the middle it puts you in mind of a propeller. Have another idea in mind? How about the five-blade Centro, with a Mediterranean Bronze finish and walnut blades. It has clean, classical lines and simple ceiling fan loveliness.

Monte Carlo Fan Company also has outdoor ceiling fans with the same beauty and style and ability to both blend in with and transform the surroundings. They can be small and discreet, or with big palm leaf designs in the blades. Find your perfect ceiling fan with Monte Carlo Ceiling Fan Company fans at Crescent Harbor.

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