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Modern Lighting – Designer Look For the Home

Modern or contemporary lighting has become a work of art – beyond the simple function of providing illumination to a space. Fixtures can now give a space a unique feeling or define the space according to a specific theme or interior design. In fact, lighting is often the first thing a designer will consider – it is often times the focal point of the design of a space. The use of elegant chandeliers with crystals or modern, sharp straight edges, or sconces that give a medieval feel about them will each give anyone who enters the room a different feel.

Choosing a Modern Lighting source

If you are building a home, choosing your lighting has now become as important as the paint colors, the flooring, and other finishes.  The same can be said about renovating a space. Lighting, in fact, can turn an outdated space, a themed space from a different er

Looking for pretty in pink focus?  Add a crystal inspired chandelier to a bathroom or a daughter’s room. Looking to create a cozy space to curl up with a fireplace?  Use direction lighting or ambient glow lighting, wall sconces or floor lamps to help achieve that feel. Wishing to take an old eclectic home into this era?  Replace your old lights with pot lights and hanging pendants. This being the case, it is apparent that not all renovation projects have to entail major construction to get that feel that you are looking for. Sometimes, it can be as simple as changing the paint color, handles on the cabinets, and focusing on the lighting – choosing more modern or contemporary lines and materials, softening the light or created a focal point by choosing the perfect lighting option for the space.

The really neat thing about shopping for modern lighting is that it means something different for everyone. Stylish and contemporary are often used to define modern lighting; however, other people see modern lighting as referring to a light fixture that has a unique, one of a kind or artistic flare about it. In fact, contemporary or modern lighting designs, while being of the current style, can be inspired by both earlier trends and design movements as much as by current trends or interior designer flares. Some modern lighting, if one is to create an art deco or retro inspired designer look for the home, will seek designs inspired by past eras using current technology and materials – a mesh or blend of both.

Crescent Harbor Modern

Here at Crescent Harbor Modern, we can show you how the space can be transformed into any theme based on the type of lighting that you choose. When we refer to type, we are considering the style and actual physical choice of whether you use pot lights, hanging pendants or wall sconces, and we can offer you variety within each type of lighting choice. For example, if you were to choose wall sconces for your lighting preference, we could show you the look and feel of the modern wall sconces which work to either as an accent piece or a focal design point, as noted above. Size of sconce will also dictate the presence of the modern lighting in your space. If you are looking for a lighting choice that is subtle or underscored in its presence in the space, we can also provide you with many options to accommodate this as well.

For more information about our modern lighting products and how we can help you create the designer touch you want with the right lighting choices, or simply to speak with a lighting specialist, contact us at


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