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Modern Fan Company – A Fan to Beautify Your Home

Ceiling Fans are widely used in all over the world and good looking fans are now considered an integral part of room decor. Fans need to be energy efficient otherwise as, when utilized properly, they can actually significantly reduce one’s electrical bill while at the same time providing a great deal of comfort to one’s home. Therefore, good looks, utility, affordable price, and energy efficiency are the hallmarks of quality ceiling fans.

There are several fan manufacturing companies to choose from, several of which are known for their high quality brand names. But a few companies are there which are known for their wide range of products, good looks, and excellent energy efficiency: Modern Fan Company is one of them. It is a well-known designer and manufacturer of high quality, trendy ceiling fans while maintaining a very affordable price range.

This fan company was founded by industrial designer Ron Rezek in Ashland, Oregon in 1997 and has quickly established itself as one of the best known fan companies in the design community. Ron Rezek was a successful designer of electrical components and his award winning design of the Stratos Ceiling Fan was essentially the inspiration behind the company, and he added several more designs which built upon the success of his initial designs. Modern Fan’s look exceptional with their sleek, stylish looks and impeccable energy efficiency factors.

Modern Fan Company: why it is unique

The fan product range by Modern Fan Company is made with highest quality aerodynamic looks that are uniquely attuned with a wide range of home decor settings. Besides offering excellent symmetry, they are superbly functional maintaining a very quiet rating while circulating quite a bit of air.

The Research and development process has made the products of Modern Fan one of the best in its business. Recently they have added light kits with these fans and that is serving its users as 2-in-one piece in a room…fulfilling the role of a ceiling fan and serving as a brilliant source of illumination. These new age ceiling fans are highly productive, good looking, and act as versatile tool in the modern home decor plan. The regular and huger version of ceiling fans with plenty of control options will make the fans best in their category as they are enjoying great popularity in the consumer as well as commercial markets.

Trivia about Modern Fan Company

While focusing only in up-to-date ceiling fans, Modern Fan Company has considered all “modern” designs, irrespective of the particular era. In doing so, they have produced their sub-brand, the Period Arts Fan Company, reconstructing modern American and European design movements that started from early 20th century, such as the arts-and crafts style that has become so popular in recent years.

Significant Products from the Modern Fan Company

Modern Fan Co is famous for their Stratos fans and it is still one of their best selling products. Meanwhile their new launched ceiling fan model DC Slim fans are good looking fans with excellent energy efficiency support. If you prefer modern room decor and a brilliant showing of metal, the stainless steel crafted Ball Ceiling Fan is a great option for your modern decor plan. Other than these time-tested models, the Torsion, Solus, Flow, Lapa, Altus are some other models from this fan manufacturer that enjoy great popularity in the market.

If you are looking for entire range of Modern Fan Company products for online purchase, you can get them from You will get the widest selection Modern Fan Company fans at the best price on the market.

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