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The Modern Ceiling Fan for the Modern Home

Not many people think about the humble ceiling fan. If anything, they only think of them when they turn them on. After that, ceiling fans are pretty much expected to move air and do little else. The very prospect of a ceiling fan being a modern, beautiful decor piece is rare, but that is changing thanks to one company: The Modern Fan Company. Their designs are showing up around the world, from regular homes to giant commercial buildings, all because they took the idea of the ceiling fan and brought it into the modern age.

Founded over 30 years ago in 1986, The Modern Fan Company quickly rose to prominence for its bold, firmly modern stylings. Rather than make things rustic, antiquated, or outdated, they pushed forward with bold designs that not only command attention, but which also provide economically-viable style solutions for the modern home. The company started with one man: founder Ron Rezek, an industrial designer with a passion for fans, of all things. He started his company with a single goal in mind: to modernize the ceiling fan. He named his company ex-actly that, and since his first designs took the marketplace by storm, The Modern Fan Company has been selling beautiful fans around the world.Modern Fan Company

But what makes a Modern Fan Company ceiling fan so special, and why has the company en-joyed continued success and prestige for over 30 years?

First, there are the designs themselves. Before Rezek came to the scene as the modern fan company, ceiling fans and fans in general were one of two things: incredibly utilitarian or over-ly exquisite to the point that they looked good in ballrooms and nowhere else. You can still see the utilitarian fan designs all over, from old homes to office buildings, if you would even notice them. Many are made from cheap wooden paneling (the same you would find on a station wagon from the seventies) and they often feel like they were made in the same decade, if not earlier. Rezek decided to bring his modern sensibilities and industrial design experience to the ceiling fan, and in the process, he created a series of ceiling fans for the modern home. Beauti-ful, simple, and sleek, these designs are perfect for contemporary design choices, including lofts, condos, homes, and commercial buildings.

The modern sensibilities of The Modern Fan Company come with a knowledge of the modern budget, meaning they offer cost-effective designs that look fantastic and are built to last. Built with fine materials and with designs that are beyond whatever trend is hot right now, these ceiling fans are built to last, both in terms of durability and style. That way, you can be confi-dent that your modern ceiling fan is going to last and look fantastic.

If you have a modern home and are looking for a modern ceiling fan to match your decor, look no further than the modern fan company. With incredible designs and affordable pricing, these fans have caused a quiet revolution in the world of design, décor, and of course, fans.

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