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Minka Lavery

It used to be a simple task, determining lighting for any space – general overhead lights, with some choices for style, table lamps for spaces requiring intimate lighting or for spaces without overhead lighting. Offices generally required both desk top and overhead. But this simple thought to lighting is no longer how we approach it. Form and function both play significant roles in our choices for lighting. We are limited only by our own imaginations with respect to what lighting can do for a space. Pot lights, flush lights, wall sconces, table lamps, floor lamps, pendants or traditional chandeliers will each give a space a particular energy, a particular style or reflect a particular design.

How do you start to limit your choices? One of the ways is to focus on the style that you wish to accomplish in your space – once you have chosen the style or mood you wish your space to reflect, then you can focus on the form of the lighting. Are you planning to have permanent lighting – chandeliers or pendants? Are you seeking more control over your lighting – ambience or soft lighting? Once you have determined all these factors, the next step is to look at what companies have to offer.

Minka Lavery

When looking for the perfect choice in lighting, it is good to start by looking at what is available – what companies are creating the forms of lighting you require for any function. Most companies will have a particular niche that they focus on whether it is traditional, modern or unique styles. Most lighting companies will provide residential and commercial options, practical and decorative lighting sources. One of the companies that provides an extensive product line, from Pendants to table lamps, and Sconces to flush mounts, is that of Minka Lavery. The brand name of Minka Lavery offers fixtures available in a number of series and finishes allowing for home fluidity in decorating. Some of the finishes are ‘nutmeg’, ‘deep flax bronze’, ‘vintage Cheshire gold’ and ‘Provençal blanc’. The Minka Lavery series celebrate meticulous workmanship in solid brass, wrought iron, aluminum, wood and resin – something for everyone to love.

Crescent Harbor

Transforming a space by the use of lighting is an exciting experience – a mundane space can be recreated into a magical realm through the use of the right type of lighting. A style can be reflected in the space by choosing the right type of lighting. Form and function meld to create the mood desired. And we at Crescent Harbor are there to help you consider your options, narrow your choices and walk away with the perfect lighting for the perfect space. In addition to the Minka Lavery collection, we offer many different brands and a few series within each brand. We can take you on an adventure in your search for perfect lighting.

For more information about our lighting products or Minka Lavery products specifically, and how we can help you make the best lighting choices for your space, contact us at



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