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Minka Aire Ceiling Fans – A League of Their Own

All homeowners dream of the perfect fixture that will liven up certain areas of their home. Choosing the right ceiling fixture or ceiling fan takes careful research and precision. There is an abundance of factors to consider when choosing the right ceiling fixtures, and upon doing so, individuals should decide if they want a contemporary ceiling fan with lights, a hugger-style ceiling fan, or one with the ability to extend down from a significant height. Minka Aire ceiling fans are one great brand option for you to consider.

Room size and shape

When choosing a Minka Aire Ceiling Fan in a larger room that is over 300 square feet and of a rectangular shape, having two smaller ceiling fans is more efficient than one big ceiling fan. While you want your fan to be a great addition to your décor, you also want it to be effective. Use these following tips as a guide for choosing a Minka Aire Ceiling Fan for your home.

Ceiling Height

First, determine the ceiling height of the room. Knowing the ceiling height helps determine if a hugger fan will be needed or a ceiling fan with a down rod. According to the American Lighting Association, it is recommended that a ceiling fan be placed higher than 7 feet from the floor. In the case where your ceiling is less than 8 feet from the floor, you will need a hugger-style fan. Higher ceilings require you to lower your fan with a down rod to make air circulation more effective, but Minka Aire offers all of these options and more.


Ceiling FanDepending upon where you decide to install the ceiling fan, it is quite important to consider different kinds of bulbs for different areas in the house. If the fan is going to be installed in a room where there is an excess of moisture, like a kitchen, then a UL damp rated ceiling fan is best. This will ensure that the moisture does not ruin your ceiling fan’s finish with rust, or interfere with the electrical components. Installing an indoor ceiling fan with wood blades in a room that gets a lot of moisture can warp the wood blades over a period of time, causing the ceiling fan to start to wobble. It is important to consider a ceiling fans material when placing it in a space like a kitchen. If you are going to invest in a great fan, like those we carry from Minka Aire, you’ll want to ensure it lasts.


Ceiling fans have advanced significantly over the years. DC motors have changed the market for energy-efficient ceiling fans as they are smaller, use less electricity, and offer the homeowner more design options than ever before.  The breadth of those design options can be seen in the stylish and efficient ceiling fans we carry at Crescent Harbor, by Minka Aire. With this brand you will get beauty, efficiency, style and plenty of design options to suit you many needs. The next time you are shopping for a ceiling fan that says something, remember Crescent Harbor and Minka Aire.



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