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Minka Aire Ceiling Fans Are a Breath of Fresh Air for Your Home

When people want to talk about things that are new, inventive, refreshing and enjoyable, they say that “it’s a breath of fresh air”. And if you think about a real breath of fresh air, it’s all of those things. It can cool you down when you’re feeling overheated, help you breathe when you’ve been stuck somewhere stuffy, and generally make you feel like a new and improved human being. At Crescent Harbor, we decided to take this saying literally with our Minka Aire line of ceiling fans, which were designed to make your home feel fresh and new, both in appearance and in air quality!

Summertime Cool

Everyone loves summertime, with its bright sunlight and beautiful green trees, but while the outdoors is wide open and breezy, the indoors can get a bit stuffy and overheated. A Minka Aire ceiling fan can cool down your living room or covered porch so that getting in out of the sunlight doesn’t have to mean baking in humid air. We want you to enjoy your tall, cool glass of lemonade in comfort, so we offer a wide variety of styles, sizes, and speeds for you to choose from when you’re creating your summertime getaway.

minka-aire-ceiling-fansWinter Freshness

Summer is the time that most people think of using ceiling fans, but at Minka Aire we know that things can get stuffy in the wintertime, too. It can be too cold to open your windows for months at a time, and indoor air can start to get unpleasantly stale. That’s when your ceiling fan comes to the rescue, getting that sluggish air moving and brightening up the atmosphere so that your winter hideaway feels as fresh and clean as it is cozy and warm. Just make sure not to hang any holiday decorations too close to your ceiling fan!

Stylish and New

We designed our Minka Aire ceiling fans not just to provide a real breath of fresh air, but a stylish one, too! Whether you’re building a whole new home or renovating an older building, our ceiling fans provide a splash of sophisticated style that acts as a pick-me-up for the whole room. We offer a choice of colors, styles and materials to delight and inspire you as you design your fresh, new room, and we hope to help you take home decoration to the next level by providing you with the perfect centerpiece for any kind of décor.

All That and Great Service Too

We also like to think of our top-notch customer service as another refreshing change from the ordinary, and we do our very best to provide you with every convenience as you shop our site and make your purchase. With a 110% low price guarantee and an easy, no-nonsense return policy, we’re here to make your shopping experience almost as fun as designing a beautiful new room. Come and browse our selection of styles and see how the perfect ceiling fan can be the breath of fresh air that your house needs!

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