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Maxim Lighting has the Most Options for Contemporary, Traditional and Transitional Designs

At Crescent Harbor Modern, we are all about lighting. Lighting is so important to the décor of a home; for those who are building a new home, but even more so for people who are redecorating.  By only changing the lighting in a few rooms, the entire ambiance of the home can change. This is why we offer Maxim Lighting to our shoppers.

Below we will look at why.

Contemporary vs Traditional Lighting

When it comes to defining your style, you have a couple of choices – contemporary or traditional. For some, traditional lighting is too monotonous, while contemporary is a touch too sleek, however, it is also possible to mix it up, and this is called a transitional style. You can achieve this look by mixing traditional with contemporary features for a design that is classic, and comfortable.

Over the years, Maxim Lighting has transformed into the most comprehensive line of modern lighting fixtures that are available today in one place. Different from companies that mass market lighting fixtures that only offer consumers products with little variety and imagination, Maxim took the time to create a line of fixtures for every lighting need.

Types of Lighting Fixtures Offered by Maxim Lighting

  • Chandeliers
  • Pendants
  • Ceiling lights
  • Under cabinet lighting
  • Wall and bath
  • Floor and table lamps
  • Ceiling fans

What Every Home Needs is a Signature Light Fixture

A signature light fixture in a dining room or other large room is necessary for every home. The centerpiece ties everything together for the entire style of the home. It does not matter which style a homeowner is going for, they need a signature light fixture.  As well, it makes redecorating a lot easier because you can go with fewer changes if you want.

Maxim Lighting has shoppers covered in this area because they offer a wide selection of all style choices for chandeliers. As well, they offer various sizes including small, medium, large, grand, and custom.

Maxim Lighting – Style

Although Maxim leans towards contemporary styles, they also offer traditional as well as transitional lighting.

Maxim Lighting Quality

Maxim manufactures all their products from high-quality materials to ensure long-last performance of every piece.

Maxim Lighting Pricing

Maxim products look expensive, yet they are all priced reasonably; so they are available to the everyday homeowner. They also integrate Energy Star guidelines in their lighting to offer shoppers energy efficiency.

Best Part of Redecorating

Without a doubt, one of the best parts of redecorating a home is creating a common style throughout your home. Since Maxim Lighting categorizes their lighting products in series, shoppers can light up their home with a common theme throughout the house. This is something that is not always easy to do with other lighting brands.

At Crescent Harbor Modern ( ), we are very excited to help you find the right selection from the various types of contemporary, traditional, and transitional lighting fixtures available with Maxim Lighting.  To see our selection of Maxim Lighting products, you can go to our website; if you have any questions or need help browsing our selection of traditional and contemporary light fixtures, you can call us at 1.888.355.9525

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