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What Makes Arroyo Craftsman Lighting Fixtures So Special

What makes a light fixture? These pieces range in size, quality, function, and almost any other quality you can think of. We use them for light, naturally, but light fixtures give our homes and offices unifying looks, visual flourishes, and more. That’s why, when you’re looking at light fixtures it pays to not only find something you love, but something that will look good now and into the future. Luckily, there’s a line of light fixtures that stick to this idea of good looks that last, and it’s called the Arroyo Craftsman line, Crescent Harbor’s own line of finely made, all brass light fixtures. Every one of them is wholly unique, and they can each add a new dynamic to your home or office. Here’s some reasons why Arroyo Craftsman lighting fixtures are so special.

1. Expert Craftsmanship

Quality craftsmanship is the standard by which every single one of the Arroyo Craftsman lighting fixtures is judged. That’s their foundation, and Lighting Fixtureswhat makes them quality pieces that are sure to draw the eye and make an impression. Without a strong commitment to the building of these pieces, they would never have the impact they should, and that’s why we take great care to ensure each and every one meets only the highest standards.

2. Unique Designs

Arroyo Craftsman lighting fixtures have shown up all around the world, in homes that range from cute starter homes to homes designed by famed architects like Frank Lloyd Wright. The reason? Their unique and beautiful designs. Arroyo Craftsman’s fixtures are created with a combination of timeless fashions and contemporary sensibilities so they draw the eye and can accent the decor of almost any room or styling. From the simple elegance of our Dartmouth series to the daring and bold looks of the Etoile series, there is something for everyone, and something that gives the feel of handcrafted care.

3. Quality Materials

Each and every one of the Arroyo Craftsman lighting fixtures is made from raw brass. No substitutions, no painted finishes, just raw brass expertly sculpted by highly trained individuals. This not only gives the piece an authentic and rustic look, it also means the overall quality of the piece is much, much higher. Plus, the natural oxidization process gives each Arroyo Craftsman lighting fixture a natural and classic look. And while some companies and people may settle for brass-plating or even brass paint, the Arroyo line only starts with the best. It’s the only way to make pieces that meet our high standards.

The beautiful elegance of the Arroyo Craftsman lighting fixtures is unparalleled, and the reason why they’ve all become so popular in homes and offices around the world. If you’re looking for something special for your lighting, pieces that will combine a sense of style with the high quality that you’ve come to expect from Crescent Harbor, then we encourage you to check out the Arroyo line. Each and every piece is made with care and attention, and with the intent that they will add to the beauty of any space.



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