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Lighting Stores – Your Source for any Light Fixture, Sconces, Floor lamp or Chandelier

Styling your home or doing any sort of renovation can be a big undertaking with a big price tag. For convenience’s sake, it’s easy for us to run to the Big Box building stores and find almost anything we need. Although the selection may not be the greatest and the prices may not be that competitive (if at all), we suck it up and go there because it’s around the corner and, frankly, we have no clue where else to shop for such things.

Specialty stores

With that in mind, there is a lot to be said for specialty stores and suppliers. For example, you could go to a Big Box store for your flooring needs, but you aren’t going to have as good of a selection and the prices will likely be quite high – let’s not even discuss installation fees, yikes! When you go to a specialty flooring store or warehouse, however, you often get much better deals on products and installation, not to mention about 100X more choices. The same is true with lighting stores.

You may walk into that Big Box store and be floored by their lighting display, with all the ceiling fans going and a few wall sconces and vanity lights, but honestly? The selection you are seeing is only a fraction of what’s out there and these colossal stores tend to only represent a few brands. These brands produce items that will appeal to the biggest audience possible, which tends to mean everything is a bit cookie-cutter. No doubt you have walked through friend’s homes and found the same ceiling lights or bathroom vanity lighting that you or another friend has in their home – because no one takes the time to browse at a real, dedicated lighting store.

Take the time

It is well worth your time to investigate what dedicated lighting stores like Crescent Harbor can offer you. Once you compare the available product to what you have seen in the Big Box store, it will be no contest. From sconces to floor lamps, chandelier to ceiling fans, you have way more choice at a specialized supplier – and you’ll likely be surprised by the prices too.

Not only will you get access to far more brands than you had before, but you will be able to find those unique accents that you’ve been trying so desperately to find. Lighting plays a very important role in your home design and functionality. You may be a firm believer that any old light will do, but when it comes to marrying your home décor and style with the usability of your home, you’ll certainly want to have multiple options.


From hand blown glass to artisanal wrought iron work, you never know what is out there until you go to the source. Your home is one of the many things that says who you are as a person, or as a family, and you deserve to have access to things like lighting that expresses yourself. Whether you want energy efficiency, or working art, you can find it at a lighting store likes ours at Crescent Harbor.

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