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How to Light a Contemporary Bathroom with Wall Sconces

Proper lighting installation is the simple most way to complete a bathroom decor besides putting other stylish bathroom accessories at par. Lighting requirement of a bathroom is slightly different than other portions of a house. It needs visibility but not like the reading room or like the living room, obviously.

Installing sconces in bathrooms has become a contemporary practice because of some benefits of this lighting fixture. Firstly these scones are wonderfully space saving lighting accessories which hardly make any clutter with its smart and sleek sizes. They are easily mounted on the wall and mostly diffuse light upside. In bathroom wall sconces are mostly preferred accessory for their trendy looks also.

The benefits of using sconces in bathroom

Scones are available in different sizes and shapes and perhaps this is the reason, wall mounted scones are available for small bathrooms as well as for larger washrooms. In case you want to light a larger bathroom you can avail two options:

  • You may install two wall mounted scones in two different parts like one should be placed at the top of the washroom basis
  • The second one should be placed near the wash area so that the shower area remains well lighted. Alternatively, you can install two sconces at the both sides of the vanity so that you can use them alternatively.

Sconces in a bathroom play the role of an ornament as these wall-mounting lights emphasize room decor. As a whole, installation of sconces can transfer the ambiance of a bathroom; apart from being a washroom and a private room, it becomes a more relaxing place where the user can rejuvenate and unwind from stress and tension.

How to install scones in bathroom for best light

Although the installation decision of wall scones in a bathroom depends on the users, there are some obvious advantages of these light fixtures.

  • It can be placed beside the vanity in the middle position of the wall, parallel to the mirror. It will help to get the light from the sconces on the face of the user, which is an advantage for doing make up, etc.
  • Sconces can be used with high intensity and low intensity light source as well: you can off an between two options as per requirement.
  • In the shower are what is required is the effect of spread light.
  • Wall mounted Sconces or mini pendant lights are best options for side lights in bathrooms to count for removal of the unsightly shadowing effect.

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