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Hugger Ceiling Fans – A Different Option

Ceiling fans are not only a great way to accent your home and add style to function, but they are also a necessity in many climates. Not everyone has central air or wants to have an air conditioner running non-stop. Ceiling fans are a great way to keep the air in your home fresh and comfortable. Hugger ceiling fans simply make this possible in homes that may not have grand ceilings. Here is what we mean:

Building codes

Most residential ceilings sit at 8 feet, give or take. The problem with this is that many ceiling fans have a drop-down design that makes them difficult to install in a typical residential home, because, if you think about it, the fan would take up too much vertical space and get in the way of people walking through, or if you were to stretch underneath it, it could clip your hands. Most traditionally designed fans are best for areas where there would be no direct traffic, like over a bed, or in areas with a great ceiling height, like a foyer.

A different option

Hugger ceiling fans by brands such as Minka Aire, The Modern Fan Company, Fanimation etc. are designed to drop down from the ceiling far less than traditional designs. What this means is that even if you have standard ceiling heights throughout your home, you’ll be able to install ceiling fans in key areas to increase air circulation and keep the home cool, without having to worry about the fan becoming an obstruction.

Hugger ceiling fans have a low-profile and sit flush against the ceiling. It is recommended that you have at least seven feet of clearance beneath you hugger ceiling fan for safety reasons, which means they are suitable for almost any spot in any average home. If you’ve always wanted to install a ceiling fan in your bedroom or living areas, but have been hesitant because of compatibility, now you needn’t worry.

Modern designs

The great thing about modern ceiling fans, and even with hugger designs, is that you have a huge variety of styles to choose from. You can find contemporary pieces, a huge selection of colors and wood grains, and even fan blades designed to mimic materials like wicker and banana leaves.

Most ceiling fans are designed to double as light fixtures because they are typically installed in old light sockets, so swapping out a ceiling light for a fan won’t detract from the amount of lighting in your rooms.

Fans for everyone

Ceiling fans are an easy and affordable way to update your décor and control the climate of your home, and they are for everyone. No matter how old your home is, there is likely a fan design out there that would work inside your home.

Take a look at what Crescent Harbor has to offer. Our huge selection of ceiling fans, which include hugger designs, will open your eyes to the possibilities within your own home. Fans are even easy to install yourself, so there is no need to pay an electrician. Check out your options today!

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