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All About Hudson Valley Sconces

The fact that you are likely reading this online testifies to how ingrained our culture’s transient and casual consumption habits are; this cultural behavior is supported by the ephemerality of the objects that we consume—from information online to more or less disposable material goods. But for all that, it shouldn’t be a luxury to own a well-made, heirloom-grade piece of consumer-wear. This is particularly true of one’s own home—possibly the least fleeting of material goods in our lives, and one that can be passed on down through the generations to remain a fixed site of beauty in one’s community. It makes sense to furnish your home with pieces that will endure just as timelessly and heartily as your house. Lighting falls into that odd category that neither really belongs to furniture nor to fixed structural features: lighting helps both to make a space and to make a space seen. To make the most out of your investment in lighting décor, you must make sure to choose the type of lighting instalment that best suits your home—be that a Hudson Valley sconce, a floor lamp, a chandelier, pot lights, or a combination of these.


What are your lighting options?

Each of these options speaks to its own potential location, however; and selecting a lighting option based on where you hope to throw light, and on what, should influence your lighting installation. For example, pot lights often do their best work when an object or space directly below the light needs to be illuminated—such as a painting or a kitchen space. On the other hand, a wall-mounted Hudson Valley sconce can cast light in a 360-degree field around itself, fanning vertically up, down, to both sides, or providing a combination of these options. Wall sconces furthermore add a more refined and subtle sense of ambiance to liminal and transitional places in the home—such as the hallway, the entranceway, or on the staircases—areas that would otherwise lack their own sense of character.

So, Sconces—So What?

What’s more is that, unlike some other mounted lights, such as pot lights and chandeliers, Hudson Valley sconces offer a degree of aesthetic and elegance comparable to furniture, along with the typically modular installation of furniture as well. So replacing and moving sconces around your home as the lay, décor, and mood of the house changes is easy. And speaking of easy, not only can the light cast by sconces range more freely than other lighting installations—from the diffuse to the direct—but often, wall-mounted units are also significantly easier to install in the first place (over chandeliers and pots, which require ceiling wiring and scaffolding or a ladder to install).

Now that summer has arrived, it is the perfect opportunity to throw open those shutters and doors, let the light in, and make some additions to your home. Whether you are planning on going for a more current look or a traditional Williamsburg vibe, it is always key to have the light-fixtures to match, and Hudson Valley sconces ( are surely the most versatile option. Not only does good lighting make your house into a home, but it will also demonstrate confidence and pride in that home to others.

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